Returnal launch trailer showcases the PS5’s next major exclusive

Ahead of the game’s release date later this year, Sony and developer Housemarque have dropped their launch trailer for PS5 exclusive, Returnal.


Returnal will finally touch down on Sony’s new console this Friday, on April 30th, this latest trailer giving us a much closer look at the sci-fi roguelike.

Just over two minutes long, we get to see protagonist Selene battle her way through several different locations, squaring off against a menagerie of glowing, tentacled aliens.

Returnal also has a prominent focus on narrative, as showcased in this launch trailer as well as previous pre-release media. Housemarque are clearly making a push to bring Returnal in line with Sony’s growing stable of blockbuster story-driven experiences. It definitely shows here with beautifully polished cutscenes hinting that there’s much more to Returnal than a racy bullet hell roguelike.

Although it isn’t developed by one of Sony’s own first party studios, Returnal is without doubt the most anticipated PS5 exclusive of 2021 so far. Here’s a brief snipper from our recent Returnal preview (you can also watch 45 minutes of gameplay footage, video above).

As much as things have changed from Housemarque’s arcade bread and butter, a lot has stayed the same as well. This looping story and third person shooting is still built on the foundations of a bullet hell shooter. The enemies that you encounter – weird, bioluminescent creatures that attack you from the shadows – signpost their attacks and unleash various projectiles your way. They can be slow moving orbs, homing darts, red rings that emanate from the enemy, and more. You can take a few hits before your health is depleted (and you’re sent back to the very start), and there’s actually a surprising number of health pickups that you can stumble across (even if they only restore a small portion of health), but the game does not suffer those who refuse to learn.

Returnal reviews, including our own, will be dropping tomorrow.

Returnal’s developers, Housemarque, are best known for arcade homages throughout the years with hits including Super Stardust HD, Nex Machina, Resogun, and Outland.

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