What We Played #496 – Returnal, Maskmaker & Rain On Your Parade

It’s been one of ‘those’ weeks this week for me, with a frankly ridiculous set of events meaning that next to nothing got done. Still, I’m sure next week will be much better.

I did spend some time with the PS5 version of Tony Hawks 1+2, starting over from scratch since I couldn’t be bothered with the faff of whatever nonsense it was asking me to do to get my PS4 save to work. This is part of why I mostly stick with the Series X for a lot of third party games. I also did a bunch of mobile gaming, with the mobile version of Monster Hunter Stories doing it more justice than the 3DS version. I even streamed it to the TV for a while, which was awesome.

Jason has been continuing his stream run of Dark Souls 2 while wearing no armour and only using fist weapons. He tells us, “It’s been a lot easier than I was expecting, and I punched a magical ice tiger to death last night. I also finally reached Diamond in 1s in Rocket League and will, as a result, never be playing that mode again. I also put some time into The Record of Lodoss War-Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth – which is a pretty solid Metroidvania game with some fun systems within it.”

Ade has been loving Ghost of Tsushima this week, saying it’s “Such a great game. Other than that I played Smelter for review. Not such a great game.” Meanwhile, Aran finished Ori and The Blind Forest Definitive Edition. He sums it up, “Great music, great artwork, absolutely frustrating and at times infuriating gameplay sections. Definitely felt my stress levels go up”. He also started on Forza Horizon 4; “That is such a fun game and I’m enjoying tearing up the roads and fields in a whole host of cars. So far I’ve done some of the events and completed the Stunt Driver missions. Tried out Eliminator mode as well which is pretty fun.”

Steve is in the midst of a house move, so he mainly tinkered with a lot of handheld stuff, preparing and downloading things ready for having to start packing away the main consoles. “I also finished Drakengard 3 the multiple times necessary to see the end, but gave up on the final rhythm battle end boss where you have to not make a mistake for 8 minutes with a camera that is literally working against you, including a couple of notes with no visual clues. Damn you Taro!!! My kids have been getting hooked on Stardew Valley together on the PS4 too.”

Reuben has been getting into Game Pass this week. He tells us, “I’ve mostly been playing Battletoads and Rain On Your Parade, the latter of which I highly recommend for its absolutely irreverent humour and how satisfying it is to be an asshole on purpose (there’s some real Untitled Goose Game energy, now I think on it). Otherwise, I’ve jumped back into the Baker Estate on Resident Evil 7 to prepare myself for 8 and have been playing some Granblue Fantasy Versus with friends to test out the new character, which I love.”

Nick P has played Persona 5 Royal this week, saying that he’s “30 hours deep now and I’m enjoying all the extra stuff they have added. Showtime moves are brilliant Also been doing a touch of Hitman 3, Warzone and had a quick blast on MLB! Love me some baseball!” Nic B meanwhile has been pretending he’s playing Pokémon Snap in Pokémon Go, thanks to the event which started yesterday.” He’s now got Pokémon Snap in for our review over the weekend.

It’s been a lot of Returnal for Jim. “With Risk of Rain 2 having sold me on what a great third person shooter/roguelike mash-up could be, I was intrigued to see Housemarque’s own take. It’s far and away the best PS5 exclusive out there though I understand the challenging, looping nature of Returnal won’t be to everyone’s fancy. Especially if you’re a PlayStation fan thinking it’s more in line with their usual blockbuster template. I also found some time to play the magnificently manic Chivalry II during its recent beta. I’m hoping to hit up Super Mario Party this weekend with friends.”:

Prepare for a surprise, as Tuffcub has only played “a tiny bit of Destiny 2 just to get the Guardian Games shite done”. Instead he’s been finishing off Control, “which was very enjoyable, the Ash Tray Maze is one of the best bits of gaming in many, many years. Still hate the lack of waypoints thought, and also that bloody Fridge. I’ve also been playing quite a bit of Outriders which is a rather dull slog in single player but silly fun if playing with chums, nice to see cross-play in that and it worked well. On top of that I also dabbled in Resident Evil Dullage, which has very badly acted cut scenes, Nutsuki Chronicles, Dark Nights with Poe and Munro, and [Not allowed to say I’ve got the code yet]. See, I do play other stuff than just Destiny… when there’s nothing to do in Destiny, that is.”

Gareth is playing Maskmaker for review and, unbelievably, he’s continuing into the second part of the campaign in Marvel’s Avengers. He says. “In spite of its numerous faults, the combat is fun enough, though I’m still very glad I waited until it was on PS Now.”

Finally, Tef’s been attending a bunch of virtual preview events, some of which he can talk about, like The Ascent and Twelve Minutes, some of which he can’t, like [REDACTED]. He also got to share some thoughts from his hands on time with the upcoming Arenas mode for Apex Legends, has been playing a fair bit of Returnal himself, but also decided that the best way to take a break from Returnal after an unsuccessful run was to start playing the weird video game TV show mish-mash that is Quantum Break.

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. After a couple of false starts over the last two years, I’ve been giving Breath of the Wild a go. Third time’s a charm?

  2. Haven’t posted this in a while.
    Played DiRT 5 and I am one trophy away from the Platinum (Drive 1000miles) so that will be a while I guess. Completed Subnautica. Not a bad game that! And tonight will be Zombie Army 4 co op and hopefully rest of the weekend ^^

  3. I’ve been playing Borderlands 2. I can’t work out if I’m pleased or disappointed that I didn’t keep my PS3 saves to import my previous characters. Also oddly, while my memory of the first Borderlands was fairly good, considering the years that have passed between playing the first time and playing the remakes; my memory of Borderlands 2 is much more vague – for the life of me I’ve no idea why!

  4. I have just been replaying Red Dead Redemption 2 this week on the PS5 finally completing it again yesterday. Now just on the hunt for dinosaur bones and cigarette cards to clear up the side missions.

  5. Completed Outriders which I really enjoyed. Whizzed through Donut County and started The Medium and Rain on your parade. As you might be able to tell I’ve picked up an Xbox and games pass. Will wait for a price drop on Returnal!

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