Bungie and Numskull announce a Destiny 2 Fallen baby plush

The star of Destiny 2’s Season of the Splicer reveal turned out not to be some fancy armour or a swanky new sparrow, oh no, the internet’s obsession with baby versions of characters that began with Baby Yoda has struck again as, hidden in the background of the reveal trailer, was a trio of snuggly Fallen babies.

The little critters were hidden in the background of the trailer so fans had to brighten the image just to see them, as below.


Bungie and Numkskull designs have wasted no time and have got a prototype of a Fallen baby plush with glowing eyes ready for fans and it will be available sometime before the end of the year. You cannot pre-order it just yet, but head over to the Bungiestore and you can sign up for a notification email when they are ready.

Dawwww! It’s a Fallen.. er.. maggot.

Here’s the description from the store:

You’ve already Fallen in love with these adorable Eliksni snuggle bugs. Now bring one home.

  • Size: Approximately 10″
  • Development in progress; Details subject to change
  • In partnership with Numskull Designs
  • Shipping ETA before end of 2021

In the Seasons of the Splicer Guardians will be teaming up with Mithrax, Kell of the House of Light, who will be guiding them through a new six player activity called Override. There will also be a new weekly mission called Expunge which we guess will be rather like the current Presage mission.

The season will also bring Armor Synthesis which will allow you to change the appearance of any non-exotic armour so you can customise your look but keep the armour stats. Shaders will also be removed from inventories and will only be available from the Collections tab. Those with the Season pass will also be getting a new Exotic stasis sidearm called Cryosthesia 77K.

The Season of the Splicer begins on May 11th and then a few days later on May 22nd the fan favourite Raid from Destiny 1, the Vault of Glass will return to the game. “The story isn’t changing, but you may notice other differences,” say Bungie. “Our goal was to keep the feeling similar to how you remember, but we have made some updates to bring this content up to Destiny 2 standards. ”

Source: Bungiestore

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