WRC 10’s new Croatia Rally revealed in new gameplay trailer

Nacon and KT Racing have revealed the new Croatia Rally, which will appear in WRC 10 after its first appearance in the World Rally Championship calendar this year. WRC 10 will be out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam on 2nd September 2021, with a Switch release following at a later date.


Held from 22nd-25th April 2021, the Croatia Rally was an exceptionally close fight for the win, with Sébastien Ogier taking the win with a time that was just six tenths of a second ahead of Welshman Elfyn Evans. This new rally cuts through the Croatian countryside on often very narrow asphalt roads that have been rutted and damaged by bad weather, making for a very particular challenge.

WRC 10 is gearing up to celebrate the 50th season of the championship, reliving moments from across the history of world rallying, from 1973 through to the modern day – 2021 will be the 49th season, so the release of WRC 10 in September will be heralding the 50th season that starts in January 2022.

In all, WRC 10 will include six historic rallies, including Acropolis, San Remo, Germany and Argentina and feature 20 legendary cars from Alpine, Audi, Lancia, Subaru, Ford, Mitsubishi, Toyota and beyond. For the modern day content, you’ll have all 52 official teams from the 2021 season (WRC, WRC2, WRC3, Junior WRC), as well as the four new rallies added to the 2021 calendar: Estonia, Croatia, Belgium and Spain. I’m sure we’ll see more of the other three over the coming months.

WRC 9 was a great step forward for the series in terms of physics and simulation, and KT Racing are aiming to further that, focussing on aerodynamic forces, the turbo engine power delivery and braking on difference surfaces. WRC 10 will also have a reworked audio design, and we’re sure that KT Racing will be working to refine their use of the DualSense controller – arguably it’s one of the standout examples of how the PS5 controller can enhance a racing game experience, and you can read our thoughts on it here.

We rather enjoyed WRC 9 on the whole, with Tom having plenty of praise for the game on its PlayStation 4 release. He said:

With driving that is now on par with the competition, WRC 9 will keep sucking rally fans back in for more. Elements around the core rallying action could still do with some added finesse, but when the basic premise is so solid, those issues fade into the background. At last, Kylotonn has delivered on the promise of authentic driving experience, and for a rallying game, I think that is the single most important element.

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