Stellaris: Federations comes to console in June, play for free on PC this weekend for its 5th anniversary

Paradox Interactive has announced that the Federations DLC is coming to consoles in June, while PC gamers will be able to play for free this weekend as part of a 5th anniversary celebration for the interstellar grand strategy hit.

How do we know it’s a hit? Well, because Paradox has also revealed that the game has now sold 4 million copies.



Stellaris: Console Edition will receive the Federations expansion on 17th June, coming as part of Expansion Pass 4. Paradox also emphasise that the game was updated not so long ago to support the Xbox Series X for better performance on the home console.

Federations launched for PC in March 2020, adding a “galactic UN” to the game. This expands your diplomatic capabilities, letting you foster internal cohesion between a federations members. You also have new types of federations to create or join, with a Trade League, Martial Alliance or Hegemony. Then there are the new constructions, like the Juggernaut, a large mobile starbase that can support and rebuild your fleets, and the Mega Shipyard, a megastructure that will spit out fleets like crazy.

On the PC side of things, you have the free weekend with the game, which started last night at 6PM UK time, and will continue on until 6PM UK time on 24th Monday. During this time, there the game and all of its expansions have been reduced by up to 75% – most are 50% off, to be fair.

The most recent expansion, Nemesis, is not discounted – to be fair, it only came out last month! More than any expansion before it, it puts the fate of the galaxy in your hands, letting you act to choose unity or actually become the endgame crisis that defines each playthrough of the game.

Going all the way back to 2016 for the original release and our Stellaris review, I said:

Marrying Paradox’s particular brand of real time grand strategy to the familiarity of space and 4X empire building has worked wonders, making this the most welcoming and accessible of their games that I’ve played. There’s a few minor niggles, but it’s compelling and it’s easy to lose yourself in Stellaris for hours at a time, as you build your empire and explore both the galaxy and the stories that it can contain.

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