Sniper Elite VR targets July release date – check out the new gameplay trailer

Rebellion has announced that Sniper Elite VR will release on 8th July for PlayStation VR, Steam VR, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. They’ve also dropped a brand new gameplay trailer to show what the experience will be like (albeit in flatscreen form).


Unlike the regular Sniper Elite series, you won’t be playing as Karl Fairburne, but will instead be cast as an Italian partisan, fighting facism in your own back yard. You’ll be fighting to protect your fellow countrymen and aiming to drive back the fascists. There will be an extensive campaign of 18 replayable missions, reliving battles from the memories of an Italian veteran, as a framing device.

The whole game will take place in first person with smooth locomotion a possibility, just as you can go from sniping to stealthily sneaking, to an action-packed with guns akimbo. Oh, and there will obviously be the series’ trademark X-ray killcam through all of this.

Miguel got to go hands on with the game at E3 2019, coming away suitably impressed with how immersive and intuitive it was:

Holding the Aim controller up to your eye brings the magnifying scope into sight, and closing a single eye in real life helps you get a clearer look like it would when handling an actual gun. This sensation led to an immediately satisfying and realistic gameplay experience that brought me into the world and never let me out.

Catch the rest of his preview here.

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