Demon Throttle is a 100% physical-only Switch game from the makers of Gato Roboto

Devolver Digital might be shaping up to rebrand as Devolver Physical. How else would you explain the announcement of Demon Throttle, a game coming to Nintendo Switch with a physical-only release.


So what do we mean by physical only? Well, exactly that. The game will not be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop, and is getting a limited edition release only through Special Reserve Games. Would you believe that, with a limited run game on offer, Special Reserve Games’ site has already fallen over?

Demon Throttle follows a masked vigilante who goes on the rampage after a demon kisses his wife… or something. What follows is a two player, local co-op scrolling retro shooter with more than a bit of bullet hell to it. You’ll be blasting away at enemies as the screen scrolls, right up until you come up against some funky looking demon bosses.

Demon Throttle comes from Doinksoft, the developer of cute, minimalist metroidvania Gato Roboto. An enjoyable romp, but per our Gato Roboto review:

Gato Roboto is far from purrfect. The boss fights are a delight, challenging me every step of the way and rewarding me for patience and determination. Everything else, though, is just a bit too safe and unoriginal. From familiar environments to basic upgrades and uninventive gameplay, Gato Roboto is an okay, standard Metroid-style game. In a world where so many titles fall into that genre, though, you can easily find something similar to play that has a bit more originality to it.

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