Age of Empires IV release date set for October

The release date for historical RTS Age of Empires IV has been set for 28th October 2021. The game will be coming to PC, and as with all Microsoft games, it will be a part of Xbox Game Pass from day one.


Age of Empires IV features eight different civilisations, and will take you through each of them with four campaigns that span 35 missions. The civilisations include the Mongols and Chinese, Normans and English, Delhi Sultanate and more, with the story campaign spanning 500 years.

If you’re a newcomer, the tutorial will lead into the story mode to get you up to speed with a spot of real time strategy. It wouldn’t do to throw everyone to the wolves in the game’s eight-player multiplayer modes, that’s for certain.

After release, Age of Empires IV will be augmented with a World Editor to allow for user generated custom content.

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