What We Played #503 – Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Tales of Arise & that Chaos game

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After the predictably busy E3 weekend, the natural order of our gaming lives has started to restore itself. There’s been more time to actually play games instead of just hurriedly trying to type things up. That said, since E3 only technically “finished” on Tuesday and with Microsoft deciding to have another stream last night, there’s only been a little gaming time for me personally. I’ve got Ratchet & Clank still patiently waiting on my PS5’s SSD, and I instead chose to focus the shorter time-limited demos in the Xbox Summer Games Fest and Steam Next Fest.

At this point, I’m happy to say that the stylish coming-of-age tale of Sable and the Zelda-like Souls-infused cut fox game of Tunic are both worth keeping an eye on.

Jason was the first to reply this week, saying that he’s been having an absolute blast playing the Dark Souls 3 Cinders Mod on PC. “It’s been around for a little while now, but the changes and tweaks it makes really give the game a nice refresh, and all of the new weapons, spells, and NPCs, all help to make it feel almost as exciting as your first playthrough.” There was also some Rocket League alongside that.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade PS5

Proudly proclaiming “I have played games again! Actual games!” Nic B has added to his usual Pokémon Go-ing with playing Final Fantasy VII Remake’s DLC, INTERgrade. “It is decent, but a little short for how much it costs. Still, well worth a look if, like me, you’ve been itching to scratch beneath the surface of what the main game shows you.” The PS5 upgrade is a big improvement, too.

In stark contrast, Aran hasn’t had much time for gaming this week, but is aiming to complete the Outriders campaign this weekend. It was a week of finishing off Mass Effect Legendary Edition for Gamoc, who also played Stonefly for review and the first couple hours of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Miguel as been back to the Fortnite grind, but he also finished off every ending in Nier Replicant ver. 1.22923948091823…, got in some Black Ops Cold War and has been hopping into Guilty Gear -Strive- from time to time. He also played “the wacky Chaos game, and it’s genuinely the most fun Souls knockoff I’ve ever touched. The visuals are a mess, though – 90% of the demo was too dark and washed out to even see what i was fighting half the time.”

Ade played Mighty Goose this week, “a lovely little Metal Slug ’em up starring a gun loving goose wearing power armour.” You can expect his review soon.

Steve “Started the week strong with a playthrough of the lovely Chicory A Colourful Tale and some time with the preview demo of Rogue Lords, but then wife being away with work meant full time housework (we normally split it in case that made me sound too old fashioned!) and a total rearrange of son’s bedroom after a month long wait for his new bed. I did manage to play a bit more Hollow Knight though and downloaded a load of games to various platforms whilst watching the E3 presentations. Maybe next week I’ll play some of them?”

Another busy bee was Bee-Reuben, who played and previewed Tales of Arise for us this week, has also been previewing the Early Access game LOST EPIC, and picked up Metroid: Samus Returns again after the Metroid Dread announcement at E3. He even played the Chaos game, and declared it “pretty good”.

Finally, Dom has pulled a bit of a Tuffcub. He’s been playing a popular online-only game: The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwoord.

That’s all of us, but what about you? What have you played this week?

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  1. Lots of Destruction AllStars this week. Super close to the Platinum trophy now, just need a few more wins and then, annoyingly, need to wait until a particular game mode is brought back into rotation to pop the final two trophies.
    The game is about as deep as a puddle but I’m really enjoying the core gameplay loop.

    Next on my list is Miles Morales while I wait for Ratchet to come down in price a bit.

  2. This week I have got the platinum for Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, I’ve also been playing more Days Gone trying to clear up the trophies. Yesterday I got Metro Exodus in the PlayStation sale and will begin playing that this weekend on PS5.

  3. Tried to pick up Fe again but stupid bird keeps taking me back to a monster I have no idea what to do with. So tootled around Paradise City instead looking for, and failing, to find the quarry.

    Also started Need for Speed (2015) which seems ok so far.

    • Plenty of Train Valley 2 for me plus a little bit of Switch, I picked up Super Monkey Ball and Lumines for a bit of nostalgia but haven’t played them much as Mario Kart addicted daughters have now joined Sonic Mania obsessed wife in hogging the Switch. WTF family, WT-actual-F!

  4. Been a while since I posted this. Yikes!
    I got my 650th Platinum with Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart. What a fantastic wee game with stunning visuals and fun combat.
    Then I got the last collectible (Golden Reel) for L.A Nior at 651 and then used the save transfer for the free upgrade of Star Wars Jedi which brings me a total of 652 Platinums ^^
    This weekend I borrowed Resident Evil Village (PS4 version) so will be trying to Platinum that game again this weekend :)

  5. I’ve had a bit less time to play, what with my wife hurting her back and therefore needing some assistance plus also taking some time to watch the Euro 2020 matches (confusingly still called the 2020 matches, despite clearly being played in 2021!) – don’t judge me! XD
    I’ve just been playing Borderlands Pre Sequel and the DLC this week, I’ve completed all the main and side missions, as well as most of the challenges. It definitely seems not quite as balanced as the first two games. I just need to grind some more weapons in the machine and level up a handful so that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend!

  6. Things from the sale again. After picking up The Last Campfire, I finished that off (100th platinum – which is crap compared to 650, I guess ;) Lovely little game, really.

    And as they were on sale and have PS5 versions… Manifold Garden is, so far, just the right level of difficulty and confusion. With a good dose of “Well, that was obvious, really” once you work something out. Technically, I guess it has the biggest levels of any puzzle game ever. Or any game, really. Since they’re sort of infinite.

    And Observer: System Redux (to give it it’s full, slightly silly name). Enjoying it so far, even if it’s a bit mad. Obvious Bladerunner influences, and not just because Rutger Hauer is in it. And I found a room full of dildos and butt plugs. It must be a Polish thing. Do they really like cyberpunk and sex toys?

    Also, who decide to put Slay the Spire on PS Now? It’s stupidly addictive.

    Finally, not much VR fun this week, because my face was melting in the heat. So I made a determined effort to finish off AC Valhalla instead. 60+ hours in, and I think I’m on the last bit. It’s all good fun, and looks very nice, but it just goes on and on. And then there’s a whole other map, and the 2 drug induced visions of other places he has. (Best not to spoil what they are). And they keep adding stuff. And I’ve not even dared to buy the DLC yet either. I know they’re not doing another one this year, but I think they should probably hold off on the next game until about 2023. At the earliest. I might have done everything by then.

  7. I played some more Unravel 2 with my daughter, and it was quite good, until there was a drastic difficulty spike in a level, and we just couldn’t play on – we were so disappointed, what a bad game design..!
    Apart from that I mostly played Shadows of the Tomb Raider, which is ok so far.

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