New Dead Space game is a remake from EA Motive

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Following on from last month’s reports of a new Dead Space, sources are now indicating that this will be a remake of the original game.

Helmed by EA Motive, the creators of Star Wars: Squadrons (and co-developer of Star Wars: Battlefront II) the project will be a reboot for the publisher’s survival horror series. Since 2013 and the release of Dead Space 3, the IP has been dormant, skipping the entire PS4 and Xbox One console generation.

Details surrounding the Dead Space remake are scarce with EA yet to comment on the existence of the project. According to GamesBeat, the publisher’s decision to reboot the series was largely inspired by Capcom’s recent Resident Evil remakes. EA Motive will reportedly use the original 2008 Dead Space as their foundation, bringing the game into the modern era with refreshed visuals and new survival horror mechanics.

EA may have steered away from singleplayer games in recent years though they seem to be coming back on board following the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Sony’s power-selling slew of singleplayer first party titles is no doubt partly responsible.

When will we see this Dead Space remake appear? There is speculation that we may catch our very first glimpse of the game during EA Play later this month. The publisher will be hosting a 40 minute showcase, highlighting upcoming games including Battlefield 2042, Lost in Random, and EA Sports titles. There will also be ” a couple other games” shown according to EA’s David Tinson.

You can watch EA Play live from 18:00PM UK time (10AM PT/1PM ET) starting with a pre-show.

Dead Space 3 Downfall

Dead Space 3 saw Isaac Clarke team up with John Carver on the snowy planet of Tau Volantis.

If the reports turn out to be true, a Dead Space remake is exactly what the smash hit survival horror series needs. Following the first game, subsequent chapters couldn’t quite capture that same magic, despite layering on interesting game elements. Picking up the torch with Dead Space 4 would definitely be a misstep – we’d rather see what EA Motive could do by slamming that big red “reboot” button.

Frustrated fans point to Dead Space 3 as the downfall of the series. EA were too quick in their attempts to build out the franchise, getting further away from what made Dead Space a stone cold classic. Invasive microtransactions, a new co-op focus, and a shift towards action-heavy gameplay were all pretty big turn-offs. Let’s hope that a full reveal – or even a small Dead Space remake teaser – will appear at EA Play.

Source: GamesBeat

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  1. Result. Dead Space 1 and 2 were both masterpieces in my opinion – would love to give them another go with updated visuals and lighting. The haptic feedback on the PS5 controller would be well suited to all the different weapons.

    I didn’t even finish the third, was unrecognisable, felt like a completely different game and genre. That horrible period in recent gaming history where we had rubbish micro-transactions and those stupid online game passes. Dead Space 3 was definitely a victim of that!

  2. “new survival horror mechanics” is a bit worrying, there was nothing in DS1 that needs changing. Nice graphics, sure, better animation, lovely. That’s it. The sound design was perfect, as was the gameplay.

  3. Yep I’ll welcome more DS too and also recall the first two games being great and incredibly atmospheric. Resi in space with less annoying puzzles / back tracking from what I recall.

  4. Phenomenal series. I know 3 gets hate as it turned action as oppose to horror but I loved it. Sure it was coop.

    1 and 2 are survival horror perfection. 1 felt like a genuine achievement getting to the end. You almost went away hoping to avoid Markers in the real world, whilst pondering whether Altman should indeed, be praised ?

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