PS5 system update 21.01- is out now, and you’ll never guess what it does

Sony has dropped PS5 system update 21.01-, and as you can tell from the exceedingly long version number, it’s a relatively minor update. In fact, there’s just a single patch note.

  • This system software update improves system performance.

Classic Sony.


System update 21.01- weighs in at 902.4MB, just as all PS5 system updates seem to do, but as you can see, it’s pretty narrowly focussed with no big new features and without targeting any specific gremlins that have been bugging players. Then again, maybe Sony are just keeping a little bit tight-lipped. The last update, version 21.01-03.20.00, started off with similarly minimalist patch notes before Sony explained more of what it did. we’ll update this post if Sony choose to give us more details later today.

Today’s PS5 system update doesn’t do much, it seems.

The first major PS5 update came out in April, adding support for external USB game back ups, cross-gen share play, tweaks to the Game Base chat set up, and more. They will be sharing more about what we can expect in the coming weeks, but we all know that one of the biggest features they’re working on is unlocking of the internal SSD expansion slot, closely followed by broadening support for the Tempest 3D AudioTech to run on surround sound systems and TVs.

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A few weeks ago, they kicked off sign-ups for a new beta testing program for PS5 system updates. We don’t yet know what those beta tests will be focussed on, but I’m sure that many of you will be hoping Sony will finally add the ability to add an internal SSD expansion, so we can actually have more than three and a half games installed.

Sony are building up right now to a new State of Play stream that will be held tomorrow evening. The game in the spotlight tomorrow night will be Deathloop, the timed exclusive from Bethesda, alongside a handful of indie and third party titles. However, Sony hazard that there will not be any updates on other upcoming games like Horizon Forbidden West, the next God of War or anything like that.

Source: my PS5 doing an update.

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  1. I hate the PS5 UI, it’s such a step backwards.

    You can’t check a games update history unless on your recently played shortlist.

    You can’t compare Cloud saves to Local saves side by side (to see which one is more recent/the one you want).

    No folders. FFS.

    No custom backgrounds whilst we wait for themes.

    There are often more button presses to get to menus than there were on PS4.

    Gamebase is a stupid name.

    There are definitely more things too. Like isn’t the PS button hold still the wrong way around?!

    • It was the same with the PS4, it gained a lot of its features through the years. It’ll be the same with the PS5, patience needed.

    • The PS button is the wrong way around? You mean the more sensible way that’s opposite to the PS4 and I’m still not quite used to?

      It makes more sense that tapping it brings up the menu and holding it takes you all the way out.

      One thing I noticed, that might be a coincidence, is an update to a PS4 game on the external drive was failing this morning because I needed 70GB free on the internal storage. Which is just stupid. Installed the update, rebooted, and the download started up again without any complaining. So maybe something’s changed there.

      Hopefully the bug where the menu stops working is fixed too.

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