Wasteland 3 Cult of the Holy Detonation revealed for October release

Wasteland 3 Cult DLC Header

Wasteland 3’s next expansion, Cult of the Holy Detonation will release on 5th October 2021, giving players a new area to venture into, a new threat to the perilous balance of Colorado, and a new style of combat to the game.

When you hit level 16, you will receive a new mission to visit Cheyenne Mountain where two rival factions are fighting over control of a experimental reactor that was set to power the secret underground military base for hundreds of years. You and your team will step right into the middle of this, dealing with mutated cultists that just want to share the blessing of radiation with you.

The expansion is set to be very different from previous experiences in the game, with a dungeon crawler feel and new objective-based combat. Combat now does not end until the mission is over, whether it’s rescuing prisoners or disrupting cultist rituals.

However, as with the rest of the game, the story will unfold depending on your decisions and interactions with other characters. You won’t just fight the cultists, but can venture into their settlements and chat with the obscenely mutated blobs that call Cheyenne Mountain their home.

Wasteland 3 launched last August to plenty of praise (though there were a few technical issues that inXile have since been working to buff out). Coming from inXile Entertainment, it’s the last cross-platform game the studio was working on prior to their acquisition by Microsoft in 2018. Wasteland 3 was signed to a publishing deal Deep Silver, though, and so has released across PS4, Xbox One and PC, with ongoing support and content also being cross-platform. The Battle of Steeltown was the first of two planned expansion, and Cult of the Holy Detonation is the second.

For the new expansion’s release, a new version of the game will be released, bundling together the base game and the two expansion together for $59.99. Xbox Game Pass subscribers, obviously only have to pick up the expansion pass.

In our Wasteland 3 review, Tom wrote:

Wasteland 3 is a delight to experience with some of the most engaging RPG mechanics in the series to date. Its dense and detailed world is only outshone by the character and its cast of vibrant and wacky characters, who are all brought to life by the introduction of voiced dialogue. If you’re a fan of RPGs, isometric-adventure games or turn-based combat, Wasteland 3 is an absolute must.

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