Here’s footage of the Spider-Man 4 game you’ll never get to play

Spider-Man 4 Video Game Footage Cancelled

Leaked footage of the Spider-Man 4 video game has surfaced, though you’ll never get to play this superhero sequel.

A lengthy video uploaded by YouTube channel Obscure Gamers shows off 18 minutes of open-world gameplay that has been watched over a quarter of a million times.


This footage is reportedly taken from an early build of Spider-Man 4, an unreleased video game adaptation of Sam Raimi’s fourth Spider-Man movie. The film was originally planned for release in early 2011 but was ultimately cancelled. It would have starred Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker with John Malkovich rumoured to play Adrian Toomes, better known to Spidey fans as Vulture. It is also speculated that Lizard would be Spider-Man 4’s secondary antagonist, with Anne Hathaway taking on the role of Black Cat.

The leaked gameplay footage on shows our friendly neighbourhood webslinger zipping around Manhattan and battling various enemies. The title was being developed by Radical Entertainment, the creators of The Simpsons: Hit & Run and, more recently, Prototype and Prototype 2.

Sadly, this is one game you’ll never get to play. However, the Spider-Man license is definitely in better hands now at Insomniac Games and PlayStation. Marvel’s Spider-Man has sold over 20 million copies on PS4 and is lauded as one of the best superhero games of all time. Miles Morales launched last year to buzz among critics, arriving just in time for the PS5’s console launch.

Insomniac finally gave us our first look at Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 during Sony’s recent PlayStation showcase event. It will star Peter Parker and Miles Morales as they go up against an entirely new threat: Venom (voiced by horror icon, Tony Todd). Of course, we’re expecting him to roll up with a rogue’s gallery of familiar villains to pummel. This sequel will be a PS5 exclusive and won’t launch til 2023.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also got a very brief glimpse of the developer’s next game, Marvel’s Wolverine.

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