What We Played #517 – The Artful Escape, Chorus, Sable & Death Stranding

Are video games artful?
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How soon Friday seems to roll around here. There’s definitely an autumnal pinch in the air, and we all know what that means don’t we? Every game ever is about to release in the next eight weeks! At least with a bit of a chill outside, we can huddle up with the warmth of our PlayStation, Xbox or gaming PC and feel good about it. I’ve been playing a bunch of things, but The Artful Escape has stood out the most amongst them – it’s an awesome space opera with a genuinely captivating narrative.

Steve was the first to check in this week, and he finished up Quantum Break on Xbox after leaving it for a few months. “It was particularly poignant considering it posits 2021 as the end of the world… Might draw up a feature on views of the future that have been and gone in games!” He then worked his way through the “delightful” Flynn: Son of Crimson on Game {ass, “which totally nails the 16 bit feel. Decent difficulty curve and good accessibility options too. Heartily recommended”. Following that juxtaposition of tones he’s ploughing through Italian psychological horror In Sound Mind. He’s also started The Artful Escape, got his eye on Sable, and still hasn’t gone back to Psychonauts.

The Artful Escape Gig

Nic B has been so ill that he’s only played the tiniest bit of Pokémon Go. He has requested Strepsils, but let’s send him some thoughts too! Aran played some more Mass Effect Legendary Edition where he’s still just bouncing around the galaxy doing side missions. He’s also played through The Artful Escape. “It’s much more a visual music album than a game. It’s recommended especially if you want a visual feast.” He accompanies that with more Football Manager 21. “In my first season at Arsenal I’m second in the league, semis of Euro Cup, and FA Cup. Haven’t even bought a player yet. If the Arsenal board is reading this, I’m open to a contract.”

Sticking exclusively with Dead by Daylight, Nick P is seeing a little reward for his efforts: “Getting a lot better at killer now, even with some of the weaker characters. Pyramid Head is still my favourite.” Meanwhile Gareth has mostly played MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries on PS5 for review, though he did get an hour or two of No Man’s Sky in as well.

Tuffcub has been playing Death Stranding to check out the not really a Director’s Cut. “Unfortunately, someone had overwritten my save file of the finished game so I had to hammer through the entire thing in record time, but now I’m just pottering about building roads and it’s delightful.”

Death Stranding Director's Cut Catapult

Ade been playing the rather magnificent Rat ’em up’ Tails of Iron! He says it’s “an intriguing 2D Metroidvania/Soulslike/collectathon”. Sounds good!

And finally, we come to Tef. He reviewed Sable this past week, finding it a wonderful experience even if there’s clear flaws. He also got to preview Chorus (or Chorvs, if you’re to look at the marketing material), and shared his hands on impressions of the new Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and can tell you that there’s one more super-exciting thing that he’s played, but that you’ll have to wait until next week to find out what that is.

Now then, what have you been playing this week?

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  1. Pretty much just entirely Tales of Arise this week. Just a few things left to finish off and I’ll be done. Unfortunately, those last few things involve collectibles (stupid owls!), and some fishing. A lot of fishing. Why do so many games have to have a fishing mini game??

    And now I’ve got Death Stranding to see if I can actually finish it this time on the PS5. How long before I get annoyed and leave it for weeks, or months?

    • Totally agree, what gives with all the fishing mini games in games?

  2. Last weekend, we had a visitor with a Switch. Well, I’m not a Nintendo fan at all, and as I expected, all Mario games we tried were nothing special, but rather annoying trash. The appeal of Zelda I can share, though, that game seems ok, and there’s a lot to explore. It’s a shame the graphics look quite dated and all seemed a bit ‘washed out’. Whether the story is anything special I couldn’t really judge from the beginning, it started off quite shallow, and the limited and repetitive dialog options didn’t help. But the physics mechanics and potential puzzles seem good, not really anything I’d not seen elsewhere before, but a very good combination of known concepts. It was definitely interesting to leave planet PlayStation for a moment.
    After returning ‘home’, I played Observation on my PS5, which is really well done, it’s unlike anything I played before, and I’m keen to learn more where the story goes.

  3. I’m romping my way through Wolfenstein New Order, have the main leg-work of the NMS expedition done and am still playing cat and mouse with Deathloop.

  4. I’ve finally completed Train Valley 2! Hooray! I even managed to get most of the stars. There’s a big void in my life now though, I’ve been at the trains for so long I don’t know how to live without them. I’ll probably play Control and Everspace 2 once the autumn sets in, but which one first I couldn’t say.

    • Congrats! There’s plenty of great community levels to try out too. Have you played any good ones?

  5. I got the platinum in Catlateral Damage and completed Beyond Eyes, which was a lovely, thought provoking little game. I’m pleased I picked it up as it’s since been sadly delisted from PSN, although I’m hoping they revoke that decision in due course as I feel more people should experience it.
    I then spent a couple of days on holiday in Edinburgh before coming home and starting Need For Speed Heat – I’ve only done the opening story race so far so not enough to form an opinion and it’s the first Need For Speed I’ve ever played! Seems interesting in quick blasts here and there though.
    Next week I’m aiming on playing Monster Hunter World and Need For Speed, in between painting the kitchen!

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