Minimalist dungeon crawler Dungeon Encounters revealed by Square Enix

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Square Enix has announced a new minimalist turn-based RPG dungeon crawler, Dungeon Encounters. The game will release for PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC on 14th October.


The game takes place across a barren map with paths made up of blank squares and the occasional number square. However there’s depth hidden behind this, with your character moving along the paths and potentially using abilities to skip past obstacles, traps and between squares as you try and reach the level’s exit. You might also meet new characters that willl join your party.

That’s the dungeon side of the game, while the encounters side obviously means battles. This also has a minimalist style with character portraits and stats laid out across a painted background and a new adaptation of the Active Time Battle (ATB) system.. There’s character levelling, hit points, and more, but the only animation and life comes from the attacks made by yourself and your enemies.



Players can enjoy a newly polished and refined iteration of FINAL FANTASY’s classic Active Time Battle (ATB) system brought to you by original creator, Hiroyuki Ito. DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS features an expansive range of fantasy inspired characters by character designer Ryoma Ito, offering players a unique take on the dungeon crawler genre, and the ability to customize their team in order to complete the challenges and obstacles effectively. Fans can also enjoy a soundtrack overseen by musical director Nobuo Uematsu, featuring a modern take on classical tracks, as they put their minds to the test and venture through the many levels of DUNGEON ENCOUNTERS.

Dungeon Encounters Gameplay

The game is coming from some of the biggest names in the Final Fantasy series, including Hiroyuki Ito, who’s best known for Final Fantasy VI, IX and XII, as well as being the creator of the revolutionary Active Time Battle system. That’s sure to get more than a few people’s ears to prick up and take notice, and we can’t wait to go hands on with the game in the coming weeks.

Dungeon Encounters has been produced by Final Fantasy XII’s Hiroaki Kato, features art by character designer Ryoma Ito, and the soundtrack has been overseen by musical director Nobuo Uematsu.

It will be available on Switch, PS4 and PC via Steam on 14th October, with a 20% launch discount. This will be available until 29th October on Switch and PC, or until 28th October for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Dungeon Encounters was the one new game announcement from a relatively subdued TGS 2021 showcase from Square Enix. The Japanese publisher repeated a fair few trailers for new and upcoming games, such as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, Life Is Strange True Colors and the remaster of the original game, and so on, though obviously marketing them to a Japanese audience.

If you wanted Final Fantasy XVI? Well, you were going to be disappointed. That game was not at TGS 2021 and Square gave fans a heads up ahead of time. Instead, Final Fantasy was limited to the iOS and Android battle royale Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, and the announcement of a release date and a second demo for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin.

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