What We Played #520 – Scarlet Nexus, Far Cry 6 and Metroid Dread

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It’s just 6 degrees outside up here in the north, so I’m calling it. We’ve skipped past autumn and this is now winter. That just means we must stay indoors and bask in the heat of our PS5 exhaust fans. I’ve personally been warming myself up by playing Scarlet Nexus, which is probably the most enjoyable anime-styled game I’ve played in a long while. I’ve also made a start with Age of Empires 4, while continuing to play the very end of Final Fantasy 7 Remake which just seems interminably long. I have enjoyed it, but I can’t quite seem to bring myself to finish the thing.

Nic B surprises no one by playing Pokémon Go. He has however also played a cute monochrome photography game called Toem, which was a fun little romp. Our other single game gamer, Tuffcub, has also broken out of his gaming habits, getting to start playing and reviewing the totally spooky The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes.

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes screenshot

Aran has been busy being an intergalactic busybody in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. He’s pottering around in ME2 still, scanning planets, doing side quests, and gearing up for the game’s final mission.

Gareth played Far Cry 6 and has tried to play Diablo 2 Resurrected, but had to continue with an offline character instead as he hadn’t been able to get into servers since Sunday night. That was until a recent patch, which means that even when he manages to get into a server, the play button wouldn’t work so he still couldn’t play. Sounds pretty rubbish, but thankfully it’s been patched again and that issue is now fixed. Quite the rollercoaster of emotions for Diablo fans.

Miguel’s played a bit of Fortnite, an old-school shmup Gleylancer that just got re-released, and a bit of Minecraft with some pals that bought a server.

Metroid Dread Exploration

Reuben has meanwhile been on a war path this week with Metroid Dread before some idiot spoiled it for him, but he’s now finished and said it’s “INCREDIBLE”. Also, he’s been catching up on games that he missed with some Dead by Daylight and Donut County filling in the rest of his non-streaming time.

It was a week of prep for Steve, who’s been deciding what horror games he wants to play for Halloween this year, while also working his way through Psychonauts 2.

And finally we come to Tef. He’s been diving into Back 4 Blood with Nick P to help with his review, but it’s giving them a right kicking with its difficulty. Aside from that, he’s played more Metroid Dread since our review, and just started on another review that he (unfortunately) can’t tell you about just yet.

But now it’s time to shift gears and ask you what you have played?

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  1. I finally got that revenge mission to happen in Watch Dogs: Legion, so eventually got the platinum trophy. All good fun, and it’s stupidly amusing to play as an old woman, call someone a wanker, slap them around the face and then taser them in the balls. And some of the stuff Bagley comes up with is quite funny too.

    Then some more of Scarlet Nexus. Getting towards the end of one story now, I think.

    And Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Looks lovely, all Pixary (that’s a word now), with hints of Studio Ghibli too. Some quite neat little puzzles. A bit too Nintendo-y (that’s also a word now), but I can overlook that.

    Oh, and Quake got the PS5 version this week. Which seems a bit unnecessary, given how well the PS4 version ran on the PS5 anyway.

    Then sales tempted me, as they frequently do. The Pedestrian is a cute little puzzle thing. That rapidly gets complicated. I’m sure the solution to the bit I’m stuck on will become stupidly obvious later on.

    And Mortal Kombat 11 is on sale for the weekend in it’s “ultimate” edition. So that’s eating up all my bandwidth downloading right now.

  2. I’ve just been playing Need for Speed Heat this week, I find it quite good to dip in and out of. Spoiler alert for next week’s What We Played, I’ll not have played anything as I’m going abroad for the whole week on holiday – assuming governments/airlines/covid etc don’t change their minds – I’m keeping everything crossed!

  3. I finished off Control, got the platinum, tried and abandoned the AWE DLC, then polished off the excellent Foundations missions. Great game, I hope there’s a sequel.

  4. Finally got to the end of Scarlet Nexus. The story was decent anime fare but the combat was what made the game stand out.
    I was mainly playing Alan Wake Remastered having been unable to resist picking it up at launch. As a huge fan of Control I wanted to finally play it especially if the links are explored further in future Remedy games.
    The mix of Stephen King and Lynch’s Twin Peaks was handled well and I enjoyed it’s own take on the action horror genre. I was impressed by how tight the pacing was and makes me miss games like this that are more linear.

  5. I completed Wolfenstein New Order and i’m still merrily chasing my tail in Deathloop. I’ve restarted – emptyhanded – on the beach more times than i care to remember but i’m making gradual progress with the overall mission.

    Also grabbed some games in the sale – the Deponia trilogy and Silence – a whole bunch of point’n’click adventuring for a grand total of under €6!

    I also started a career in Dirt Rally 2 (from last weeks sale) and have been dipping back into Dreams after a couple months break. As a ‘play’ experience Dreams can be fleeting but as a ‘create’ experience it can eat up a lot of time.

  6. Metroid Dread, and as I feared, it’s really hard. I am persevering and have made a decent amount of progress, but the boss battles are insanely hard. I wish there was a more casual mode, because while I have the patience to die and retry 100’s of times, my son definitely doesn’t.

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