Battlefield 2042’s new trailer shows off three of its huge maps

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With just a few weeks before launch, DICE has released a new trailer for Battlefield 2042 that shows off three of the maps that will feature in the game. Renewal, Breakaway and Discarded will, as with all the new maps in the game, be playable across the 128-player All-Out Warfare modes, Battlefield Portal and the small teams extraction mode Hazard Zone.


Here’s the description that DICE has shared of each.

  • Renewal is an eclectic landscape set in an Egyptian desert with a solar array Power Station on one side and a lush Research Facility on the other. It features a wall between both regions with various entry points, including a choke point through the often-contested Entry Checkpoint in Conquest in the middle of the map. Players should also come prepared for close quarters battles in these areas as well as both of the buildings located within Renewal.
  • Breakaway set in Antarctica, includes an Offshore Platform off the Frozen Coast, as well as an Outlook Station perched high above the battlefield making it a focal point for air battles. In the fractured paths of the Glacier, players fight in and above the ice cliffs that are connected with zip lines and rope bridges, and where the quick use of a parachute could be the difference between life or death.
  • Discarded features a flooded village along India’s west coast, disassembled hull and a Colossus Ship to explore. This map features lots of cover and close quarters combat; the Colossus Ship let’s players fight inside its craft while airships attack from above and tanks pummel its hull. With unpredictable weather, players will have to stay on their toes as the threat of a tornado could strike the map at any moment.

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Last week DICE issued a follow up post for all of the feedback that they had received from the open beta test. In this they revealed the remaining 5 Specialist characters, before coming to the defence of the heavily criticised shift away from pure classes. They said, “You weren’t able to go hands on with all Ten of our Specialists, and see them all in action on the Battlefield. Now that all the cards are on the table, let us know what you think!”

They also detailed myriad changes that are being made from feedback, like improved lighting to help with spotting enemies, and systems that were missing from the beta but are included in the full game, such as the Commorose.

The build up to Battlefield 2042 started earlier this year with the announcement of its core 128-player All-Out Warfare mode. That was eventually followed by the user-generated game modes possible in Battlefield Portal (which also remakes and remasters content from BF1942, Bad Company 2 and BF3), and then after a much longer wait, the reveal of Hazard Zone. This mode is not a battle royale, but more of a hybrid between Escape from Tarkov and the Dark Zone from The Division. Built around small squad play and with objectives to capture and extract, it should be a really interesting twist for the series.

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Battlefield 2042 will be out on 19th November across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Alternatively, if you punt for a version that grants you early access, you’ll be able to play from 12th November.

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