Battlefield 2042 Specialist Dozer fixed ahead of launch day

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Battlefield 2042 Specialist Dozer has been fixed and added back to the game’s roster ahead of its November 19th launch day.


Dozer had previously been removed during Battlefield 2042’s early access period due to issues with the Specialists unique loadout.

Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza hauls an SOB-8 Ballistic Shield into battle as his Specialist gadget. Wielded using both hands, it allows him to soak up damage from incoming enemy fire though he’s still exposed to heavy munitions as well as being flanked.

EA DICE had disabled Dozer’s ballistic shield before later removing him from play. Having just dropped into a match of Battlefield 2042 Conquest, we can confirm the Specialist is back in action.

He joins the nine other characters you can play as in this futuristic military shooter. Since the series first started, DICE has been using a class based system, allowing players to choose roles that have mainly fallen under one of four archetypes – assault, demolition, engineer, and medic.

Battlefield 2042 Dozer Specialist Guide

In Battlefield 2042, these have been replaced with Specialists. Each is its own named character with no loadout restrictions on weapons, throwables, and other equipment. Instead, Specialists are defined by their distinct pair of matching abilities.

For example, Dozer wades into battle with his ballistic shield as well as a passive increase to explosive damage resistance. Meanwhile, Falck has a healing syringe pistol holstered and will restore fallen allies to full health when revived. You can read more about each Battlefield 2042 specialist and their abilities in our guide.

Ahead of its full launch, we’ve been entrenched in the series’ latest entry. In our Battlefield 2042 review we scored it a fair 6 out of 10, knocking points off for clunky design features yet praising the core tactical gameplay and the genius Battlefield Portal.

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