What We Played #525 – Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5 & Battlefield 2042

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I have that Friday feeling in stereo today, with my first day off in two weeks and the kids enjoying an inset day as well. Oh, and the sun is shining! Before I head off to experience what fresh air is though, it’s time to go over what it is we’ve been playing this week. I have played a good chunk of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer “beta” and I am enjoying it as though it’s Halo 3’s heyday all over again. I’ve nabbed the battle pass, but they really need to do something about progression. Hopefully they’ll nail it before we get the main campaign in a few short weeks. Besides that it’s been more Forza Horizon 5, some retro Game & Watch Legend of Zelda action and yet more Jurassic World Evolution 2. Those dinosaurs aren’t going to tranquillise themselves.

Tef was the first to check in this week, and it was with much excitement he announced he’d played “Forza Horizon 5! Halo Infinite! Battlefield 2042! Far Cry 6 DLC!” Ade, by comparison, has had a much quieter one – it’s also been his 40th birthday! – though he did manage to finally defeat the pesky wood demon boss in Kena Bridge of Spirits. He’s also started on Surviving the Aftermath for review.

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Aran has played more Mass Effect Legendary Edition. He tells us, “Finished ME2 with everyone surviving the final mission. Just started ME3 and picking up war assets while dodging Reapers. Played one match of Halo Infinite, but I’ll need to set aside some proper time to dig into that.”

Going back to an old stomping ground, Nic B started playing Magic Arena again, saying it’s good fun. “I’m trying not to spend money on cardboard, but it’s haaaaaaard!” He’s also been playing Pokémon Go (of course), but deleted Pikmin because it was crashing his phone too often.

Gamoc played Detroit Become Human, “which I finished and is awesome. I’ve also played Deathloop, still not finished but getting there, and Kingdoms of Amalur.”

Tuffcub has played Destiny 2 (obviously) and a year after it was released, he’s started Spider-Man on PS5. He says, “It’s been installed since day one but I finished it on PS4 so wasn’t in a rush. I also played Babylon Falls which was.. a thing.” Miguel joined in with Tef’s enthusiasm, having played, “Halo Infinite! Forza Horizon 5! Fortnite! Animal Crossing! And some Left 4 Dead 2 co-op tomfoolery.”

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Finally Steve has been playing more Monster Hunter Stories 2 where the endgame just keeps on going. “I’ve also put some time into Demon’s Turf for a quick review due soon and played some River City Girls before it left Game Pass. I’ve now returned to Haven for the same reason. Hoping to start my first proper Bloodborne playthrough as well, but we’ve all been ill this week so the kids have been hogging the TV all the time!”

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. Having survived flu (thank you for the kind well wishes!), I’ve been playing Monster Hunter World, Need for Speed Heat and Pikmin Bloom, which is quite adorable in small amounts.
    I’ve also got the platinum in Takorita Meets Fries which was a short and sweet visual novel kind of a game.
    I’m currently going through the various Black Friday deals and trying to work out where’s best for various games to add to my ever increasing backlog XD

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