OlliOlli World soundtrack sample now available on Spotify

OlliOlli World’s soundtrack, well part of it, has been officially uploaded to Spotify allowing people to listen to some of the music that will be part of the skateboarding game. The soundtrack on Spotify features eight tracks out of a total of 32 that will be part of OlliOlli World. You can listen to the soundtrack sample by clicking through here. The full track listing can be seen further down after the trailer.


“Music has always been a key component in OlliOlli games as it constitutes an integral part of the flow-state gameplay of the series”, explains Simon Bennett, Co-CEO at Roll7. “We are thrilled to share these captivating tunes created by outstanding independent musicians from around the world.”

As mentioned here is the tracklist from OlliOlli World’s sample

  • Shimmer by Fardust
  • Arps by Nikitich
  • Darling Gardens by Midflite
  • Panoramas by Woodwire
  • Avalanche by Fardust, Azureskye
  • Can’t Sleep by Adam Swim
  • Leaps and Bounds by Cotton Claw
  • Not so Much by Nikitich

In OlliOlli World players will be able to customise their skaters, their trick list, and styles. Players will explore the world of Radland in the search of the skate Gods so they can reach Gnarvana. Every level will have multiple paths with different things to explore on each of these paths. The controls have been worked on so new players to the series can pull off better combos, while those who have experience with the OlliOlli games will find new challenges to conquer.

A couple of weeks ago it was announced that Take Two’s Private Division had acquired Roll7, developers behind the OlliOlli franchise. At the time Simon Bennett said: “Private Division has been an incredible publishing partner for OlliOlli World, and we’re elated to continue to grow as a studio as part of the label. Private Division has empowered our amazing team to raise the bar on our creativity and scope for OlliOlli World. Joining the label puts us in a great position to continue to grow and to set our sights on achieving our ambition to become a pre-eminent global videogames developer.”

OlliOlli World will be released in Q1 2022 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch.

Source: Press Release

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