Steelrising has a brand new trailer from The Game Awards

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Steelrising has been graced with a new trailer and it looks like rather more violent version of that Doctor Who episode in which David Tennant flirted with Marie-Antoinette, check it out


In Steelrising, you play as Aegis, the robotic bodyguard of Queen Marie-Antoinette, ordered to find your creator and put and end to the tyranny of King Louis XVI and the robot army he is using to crack down on the French Revolution. The Paris depicted in the game includes many monuments and famous locations, including those that no longer exist such as the Grand Chatelet and the Tour du Temple.

Better known for RPGs like Greedfall, Spiders are pivoting to an action-adventure and more direct and impactful combat. We see plenty of this in the trailer above, as Aegis battles other automatons that are roaming the streets of Paris. Spiders say “the combat will be challenging and any error in judgement could be fatal.”

Steeelrising Geolier concept art

The Geolier is one of the many weird and wonderful robotic enemies.

Aegis has weapons built into her body, with items found while exploring letting you make her more powerful, more durable, or more mobile. There’s seven families of weapons, which could be built into her arms, alchemical rifles for long range, or more powerful and forceful options as well.

Spiders has certainly grown through the past generation, with increasingly ambitious RPGs released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Steelrising certainly sounds like their most inventive to date, but they’ve also still been hard at work over the last year upgrading and expanding upon Greedfall for the new generation of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S console.

The Gold Edition adds a bunch of console hardware enhancements, as well as the new The De Vespe Conspiracy story expansion. Looking back at our Greedfall review, Gareth said:

“Greedfall has an ambitious story, but it’s not backed up by the clearly repeated environments, simple combat and dull abilities that take ages to unlock. However, seasoned RPG players might well be able able to look past those flaws in favour of the interesting, well written stories about political manoeuvres and oppression that make up the bulk of the quests in this pretty dark, deep world.”

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