What We Played #528 – Halo Infinite, Deathloop & Heavenly Bodies

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Raise your hands if you’re a bit sleepy today because you had to stay up and watch all of The Game Awards last night? Oh, just me and Tuffcub was it? Oh… Well, that just means that you’ve got a huge amount of catching up to do, and we’ve got a handy ‘Everything from The Game Awards‘ post to help you do just that!

Aside from a stream of adverts masquerading as an awards show causing me to lose sleep, this week has been all about the Halo. I played a good chunk of Halo Infinite to support our launch content and comparison videos, have continued to lose myself in the very enjoyable multiplayer (despite the challenges being awful), and have now decided to go and play 343’s earlier games. From the first mission alone, Halo 4 is the most 2011 game I think I’ve ever played…

Halo Infinite Campaign Combat

Aran was the first to pipe up this week, regaling us with his playthrough of the “odd by charming” Donut County, and then recommending that everyone plays The Forgotten City, because “it is very well put together and the story is really good.” He also reviewed White Shadows and made a start on Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, “which looks stunning.”

Nick P has been all about the multiplayer this week, playing Halo Infinite, Dead by Daylight and the new season of Fortnite. The one exception was Deathloop, “which I’m REALLY enjoying so far. It’s such a fun game with opportunities for creative combat. I can see why it got high praise.”

His K-less namesake Nic has been roaming the streets of London to play Pokémon Go, as per usual, and Tuffcub has also played his usual amount of Destiny 2. Gamoc outdid them both by playing two games: Solar Ash for review and some Back 4 Blood.

Solar Ash

Jason has continued on with Dragon’s Dogma, but fears that his obsession with it will end in a few days, despite enjoying it a great deal. Alongside that it’s been more of Clone Drone in the Danger Zone and Archvale.

Having taken a short break from it, Jim has returned to Final Fantasy VII Remake and jumped into side quests, combat and character progression instead of focussing on the story. He also reviewed Heavenly Bodies, “a strange space puzzler I managed to complete despite some genuine nausea-inducing moments.”

heavenly bodies mining gameplay

Steve’s busy week or real work meant that he’s only had time to survive the Terminator: Resistance Annihilation Line DLC campaign, and then “endured absolutely sucking” at Century: Age of Ashes.

It was a mixture of his old reliables for Miguel this week – Apex Legends and Fortnite for his battle royale fix – but that was joined by Dragon Quest 11, Halo Infinite MP, and a review of the very anime Wolfstride.

And last but not least, Dom has restarted his playthrough of Halo Infinite with the release build of the game. “You know what? It’s great,” he said. “So many games I’d be feeling like crap having to restart, but I’m genuinely quite happy with Halo.”

I’d probably agree, but I’m going to force myself to get through Halo 4 and 5 again before I return to the Infinite campaign.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Some more of Aliens Fireteam Elite, which is still lots of fun even after doing all the missions.

    And then the PS+/Now games for the month.

    Mortal Shell is just shit, really. Godfall is surprising, even without the story mode. Looks nice, the combat is quite fun. But you’re chucked into the endgame with a level 50 character and miss out learning what you’re doing.

    Which just leaves Lego DC Super-Villains, which is exactly what you’d expect from a Lego game. I may even buy the DLC while it’s on sale.

    So from PS Now? GTA3 is just as bad as has been claimed. Or was it always that bad? It’s a long time ago.

    Oh, and if you’ve got a PS5, download that Matrix thing. Sure, it’s just an advert for UE5 (and Matrix Resurrections, I guess). But it’s seriously technically impressive.

  2. Consider my hand raised, I happened to be awake and watched most of these awards. I appreciate they kept boring speeches to a minimum and got through all these awards quite efficiently. For me it was mostly about new games being presented. Keighley was not too annoying either, so it was an interesting watch, if you had nothing else to do (sleeping is generally overrated, in my opinion). The most annoying thing was probably how often formerly independent studio’s games were presented as XBox exclusives, proving Spencer a liar.
    Overall, there wasn’t really anything that made me go all wow, but that’s ok, and there were so many games I can hardly remember the name of those that looked good.

    Apart from that, this week I finished the campaign of Lovers in a dangerous space-time with my kids (or whatever the title of this game is). It’s one of the best co-op games I ever played. And, without the kids, I continued the story in Days Gone.

  3. I definitely didn’t stay up, Tuesday Christmas work do hangover plus Covid booster plus having a wisdom tooth out wrecked any plans of keeping up with the news! I watched a few trailers this morning though, the big highlight for me was Star Wars Eclipse, wow!

    Games wise, I took on Calamity Ganon in Zelda and thanks to being fully loaded found it all a little easy. Very satisfying though, a beautiful climax to one of the best games ever! I also played to this point without updating the game at all, just to see if it could be done in this day and age, and it can! I’ve started the DLC quests now, they’re pretty good so far.

  4. I gave the Lego Template Game: Iteration DC Villain Re-skin a go for an hour or so. That was enough of that.

    I’ve also been making some progress in DS2, realised there was a slightly easier route (forest of fallen giants) than the one i’d been trying (Heides tower) and so i’ve been exploring and collecting as many alternate weapons and goodies as possible. Between the “Hollowing” mechanic and the way repeated farming is nerfed, i’m not sure how far i’ll ultimately get with this game but i’m still enjoying it so far.

  5. My retro game for this week has been Battlefield 3. I’ve only just gotten round to reading the tie in novel by Andy Mcnab (or rather he wrote the foreword and put his name on the cover for a nice big cheque). My sister got me it for xmas a decade ago and with not recalling any of the games story I felt like replaying it.

    Ah that seizure inducing mega bass intro took me right back… still haven’t gotten to the story though because the multiplayer has sucked me back in! I’m amazed that whilst Bad Company 2 still has a few players BF3 is still really active and I’ve had no trouble finding almost full servers to join.

    Had a really good first night, then a less good second night due to lag so I’ve taken the time to switch to a wired connection, setup port forwarding and all that and having a much better time and rarely getting what feel like unfair deaths now. I’m still generally rubbish but can sometimes put in a good show with a positive kd ratio and earning lots of points so I’m happy.

  6. I platinumed Sherlock Holmes The Devil’s Daughter and started Maneater. I’ve completed the story so I’m just toddling round hoovering up the collectibles, so I’m expecting to have that plat by next week. Might get the DLC, might wait to see if it goes on sale in January or something.
    I’ve also gone back into Watch Dogs (1) and Tomb Raider Definitive Edition – I finished the respective stories years ago but abandoned them afterwards because,well, multiplayer to be honest. I’m always a bit rubbish at multiplayer. But I’ve recently found some friends to play the multiplayer with, which makes it much nicer, so I’m aiming for the plat on those in due course.

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