GTA V and GTA Online PS5 and Xbox Series X|S release date set for 15th March


The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S remaster of GTA V and GTA Online will release on 15th March. GTA Online will be getting a new standalone release on both platforms, and be available for free to redeem for all PlayStation 5 players for three months.

GTA V has been enhanced for the new generation consoles with graphics modes that go up to 4k and 60fps, longer draw distances, texture upgrades, HDR support and ray tracing options. There’s also faster loading times, 3D audio and things like haptic feedback on the DualSense controller.


It honestly feels like a lot of this was possible on the last generation, but you have to remember just how old even the PS4 and Xbox One ports now are. Released in 2014, they made various upgrades to the game compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 original, but this was way before HDR was supported on consoles, and the game was not upgraded to support the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X with higher resolutions or frame rate options. Both are stuck resolutely at 1080p and 30fps.

If you’ve been playing on the last generation, then you will be able to transfer both your GTA V Story Mode progress and your current GTA Online characters and progression over to the PS5 or Xbox Series X|S with a one-time save migration.

GTA Online has been enhanced with a new Online Tutorial for new players, so you don’t need to do the Story Mode prologue anymore, and the new Career Builder to instantly access different businesses. Hao’s Special Works auto shot is located in the LS Car meet and will allow you to upgrade 10 specific vehicles to boost them and take advantage of the new consoles.

Announced at the PS5 game showcase in the middle of 2020, GTA V was expected to release in 2021 for the new generation. That Rockstar had to delay the new generation port by four months meant that they also had to extend the long-running PlayStation promotion where PS Plus members on PS4 can claim $1,000,000 of in-game currency each month until the PS5 version is released. The cash grab has just a month and a half left to go, so make sure you redeem the currency if you intend to hop into GTA Online in March.

Oh, and in other news: Rockstar has confirmed GTA6 is in “active development”. Please act surprised.

Source: Rockstar

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