It looks like Roblox is heading to PlayStation

roblox ps4 ps5
roblox ps4 ps5

A job listing has suggested that the hugely popular Roblox game may be coming to PlayStation platforms in the future. The listing, spotted by The Verge, specifically mentions support of the Roblox game engine on PS4.  Here is the specific text from the job advert:

As a Gaming Console Software Engineer, you’ll help build and support our engine used by millions of users worldwide for the Sony PlayStation platform, and other leading gaming consoles on the market.

You Will:

  • Develop and support the Roblox client application for gaming consoles platforms like Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4

Roblox has been around for a quite a while with the original version being released in 2006. During the 2010’s the game exploded in popularity and also picked up loads of new players when the entire world went in to lockdown and had to live virtually. The game now has over 164 million registered players and is available on PC, Xbox, iOS and Android.


Players in the game can use the virtual currency Robux to purchase cosmetic DLC and new games and users can also generate their own content to sell, there are reports of some users raking in over $100,000 a year from making content within the game.

The game is also used as a promotional platform although it’s not quite as chaotic as Fortnite where there seems to be a new movie or concert to promote every day. Recent promotions included Zara Larsson performing songs at a virtual party to celebrate her new album Poster Girl, and Chipotle Mexican Grill joined forces with the game to giveaway $1 million of burritos. Om nom nom!

However, the game has come under fire as although it is aimed at children some people have created sexual content such as sex clubs. Apparently some people get off watching LEGO style figures boffing virtually.

Source: Roblox via The Verge

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