Chivalry 2 Steam release and mounted combat coming soon

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Torn Banner Studios has finally slapped a date on its Chivalry 2 Steam release. Having been previously exclusive to the Epic Games Store, the medieval combat sim will finally be available to purchase on Valve’s store.


The Chivalry 2 Steam version goes live on June 12, 2022, but that’s not all. A free content update is in the works, introducing a new playable faction, the Ottoman-inspired Tesonia. Apart from adding more visual diversity to the game, they introduce a new class of mounted warrior.

Horses have been teased since the game launched, but now we have some firm details on how they work in Chiv 2. You’ll still have a large array of weapons available to you though some are obviously more effective on horseback, given a damage multiplier if you manage to land a hit while charging an enemy.

It will take some learning but you can even wield a bow, channelling your inner Mongol warrior. Whether running down an opponent while in the saddle, or sweep a horse from under its rider, mounted combat will definitely add some flare to what are already some pretty flashy medieval battles.

The Tenosian Invasion content update will soon enter testing, later rolling out across all available platforms.

Chivalry 2 quickly became one of our favourite multiplayer games of 2021. Building on the foundations of the original Medieval Warfare, it blends brutal combat with just the right amount of silliness, battles scaling from small skirmishes to epic sieges. In our Chivalry 2 review, we scored the game an 8/10:

The melee combat may not be as technical or strategic as some hardcore fans might like, yet it’s hard to deny the appeal of Chivalry 2’s dismembering deathmatches. Those first few sieges are truly enthralling as watch waves of red and blue troops smash against each other. Over time it may lose its edge though Chivalry 2 is still one of the most fun and unique multiplayer games out there.

Chivalry 2 is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Source: PC Gamer

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