Chivalry 2 Reclamation update adds new team objective map

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Chivalry 2’s Reclamation update has been released, adding quite a few features to the game. The main highlights of the Reclamation update includes The Reclamation of Montcrux, which is a new team objective map for 64 players. There is also a limited time mode called Last Peasant Standing where you have to find whatever weapon you can to fight through the rounds.

Chivalry 2 Reclamation Update main highlights include:

  • New Team Objective Map | The Reclamation of Montcrux: The crown jewel of the latest Chivalry 2 update finds the Agathians fighting back against the Tenosian Empire’s invasion. The new 64-player map promises a challenging uphill battle for the attacking Agathian faction, who must break through the fortress’s walls with petards while avoiding a rain of ballista fire from the defending Tenosians as the bombarbs continue to fire against the Agathian siege towers and camp. Should they break through, Agathians must then lift the keep’s gates and disable the bombards launching above, reclaiming the fortress for Agatha.
  • New Limited-time Game Mode | Last Peasant Standing: The peasantry of Aberfell are having a feud! As a fragile peasant owing fealty to the Agathian Knights or Mason Order, scramble for what limited weapons you can find to defeat the enemy team through multiple rounds. Victory goes to the team that wins five rounds in total.
  • New Weapon | Siege Crossbow: Unlike its more lightweight predecessor, the Siege Crossbow (available for the Crossbowman subclass) fires bolts that can deal notable damage to non-objective siege weapons and constructables. It also has the power to pierce through them. Be wary when hiding behind barricades! While it may deal considerable damage, use caution when reloading, aiming, and shooting, as this is a bulky weapon and you are limited in the amount of shots you can fire. Make them count!
  • New Free-for-All Map | Desert: Take to the Tenosian desert once more — but this time, in a glorious contest where every knight fights for themselves!
  • New Campaign Pass | Reclamation: Embark on our new progression-based Campaign Pass: Reclamation to unlock new armors, weapon skins, heraldry and more! Rewards range from the impressive Agatha Templar armor sets to a variety of Warhammer skins and many more.

Chivalry 2 Review

In our Chivalry 2 review, Jim wrote, “The melee combat may not be as technical or strategic as some hardcore fans might like, yet it’s hard to deny the appeal of Chivalry 2’s dismembering deathmatches. Those first few sieges are truly enthralling as watch waves of red and blue troops smash against each other. Over time it may lose its edge though Chivalry 2 is still one of the most fun and unique multiplayer games out there.”

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