Netflix mobile games revealed – Queen’s Gambit, Desta, Spiritfarer & more

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Netflix wrapped up their week-long Geeked festival with the reveal of a bunch of new mobile games and game-related shows coming out for Netflix subscribers. We’ll stick with the video games for this round-up, which includes a Queen’s Gambit video game, Desta: The Memories Between from ustwo games, and a number of mobile ports that will be exclusively made available to subscribers.

Watch the full show here, or scroll on for all the headlines:

Fans of the Grishaverse have a new Shadow & Bone game to look forward to. Shadow and Bone: Destinies will be a narrative RPG, but beware that it’s quite early in development.

If you’re into your dating shows and/or dating sims, then Too Hot to Handle will be right up your street with a mobile game that apparently sticks to the rules of the TV show.

La Casa De Papel video game is also in the works, a standalone heist adventure set within the same universe as the show, in which you crack safes, pick locks and help to rob a casino in Monaco.

A video game based on the Netflix show all about the game of Chess? Surely that’s just chess, right? Well, kind of. The Queen’s Gambit Chess is chess, but it injects characters from the show, lines of dialogue and settings. It’s coming out soon.

Here’s an original title. Lucky Luna is a retro vertical platformer inspired by Japanese folklore and coming out this summer.

Announced yesterday, Desta: The Memories Between is the next game from ustwo games, the makers of the popular Monument Valley games. Desta will be a Netflix exclusive on mobile, but is also coming to PC and consoles. Here’s our first look at gameplay.

The Tinder-style kingdom management game Reigns: Three Kingdoms is coming to mobile by way of Netflix, taking the series to ancient China. There’s also the subversive city-builder Terra Nil, in which you use technology to rejuvenate barren wastelands, recycling your way back to a liveable planet.

Poinpy is out right now! A vertical climber, you have to dodge baddies and feed the beasts that are chasing you. Here’s a quick trailer for the launch.

Wild Things: Animal Adventures is a match-3 puzzler in which dragons and more magical creatures have got on the loose.

Indian indie game Raji: An Ancient Epic is coming to mobile via Netflix. Step into the shoes of the titular hero and try to rescue her younger brother while facing off against a demonic invasion!

And the critically acclaimed cosy management game Spiritfarer will be coming to mobile via Netflix for the first time this year.

And there we go! All the gaming news from Netflix’s last day of Geeked Week 2022. What did you think?

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