Indie band interactive series We Are OFK launches on consoles and PC this month

We Are OFK
We Are OFK

As they used to say on Monty Python, and now for something completely different.  We Are OFK  is five episode interactive animated series follows the lives of four friends in their 20s as they attempt to break into the music business, fall in and out of love, and figure out how to pay rent and make art in Los Angeles. Each episode includes a brand new track and music video from the band.


The trailer looks rather good, very arty and perhaps a hint of the Life of Strange series in the design.

“People keep comparing us to Gorillaz or K/DA which like, amazing, but also this is Alvin & The Chipmunks erasure. Where’s the love for Josie and the Pussycats, they were gay right? Or uh Priss And The Replicants did anyone else here watch Bubblegum Crisis? Icons. I guess I’m trying to say… thanks!” said Itsumi Saito, OFK keyboardist. They sound a character, don’t they?

Here are those ever so important features!

  • 5 Episodes of the interactive animated series
  • 5 Interactive Music Videos: with debut tracks performed by OFK
  • Fully-voiced interactive dialogue from a star-studded cast
  • Emotional texting, thirst texting, meme texting, emoji spamming
  • Original Los Angeles locations. You’re gonna love the boba shop it’s wild

Episode 1 & 2 will launch on August 18th on PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Steam and the Epic Games Store for $19.99 USD. Episode 3 will follow on 18th August, episode 4 on September 1st and the final episode on September 8th.

There are also collections editions from iam8bit including the We Are OFK 2xLP vinyl. As yout might expect that includes some vinyl records with “exclusive acoustic tracks that can only be heard on wax.” There’s no game in that pack though, and it will set you back $31.99.

There’s also a physical edition with ” a carefully curated 3D papercraft version of Debug the cat”. You can get both the Physical and Vinyl editions from iam8bit’s website.

Source: Press release

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