What We Played #564 – We Are OFK, Saints Row & Rollerdrome

Summer bloodsports.
Saints Row New Header

Another warm and wonderful summer week is in the books, albeit one that’s had more of the rain and clouds that make up the traditional British summer, and there’s another one to look forward to next week where we’ll be diving headlong into a similarly wonderful Gamescom week in Cologne. Seriously, we will have so much to write about afterwards.

This week I’ve been mostly writing about We Are OFK, a heartfelt and unique way to launch an indie-pop group. I’ve also been playing more Spider-Man Remastered on Steam Deck, more Monster Hunter Rise, some Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, and checked out Midnight Fight Express which almost certainly has nothing to do with the 1978 prison drama.

Nic B has played Pokemon Go – I mean, when hasn’t he? – but other than that work has been far too busy for anything else. Sad times indeed in the Bunce household. Ade finished off Stray, saying “It was great, though the ending was fairly underwhelming, and, just like Randy Orton, came outta nowhere. Still, it was fun until then! I have also been playing all the Yakuza Like a Dragon – and probably will be for quite some time as it is massive! I’ve also got my eye on Rollerdrome and might treat myself to that at some point!”

Jim can’t quite believe that it’s the end of the week, and he’s had a pretty quiet one overall, mainly dominated by two very different open-world crime sims, starting with the Mafia remake. He tells us, “It’s a gorgeous recreation though feels a little stiff and dated. We don’t see many games that use open worlds simply as set dressing nowadays, so the lack of side activities makes Mafia feel a little empty outside of missions. The other game is Saints Row which I’ll have a lot more to say about when reviews land ahead of launch day!”

Also delving into a upcoming game for review, Aran has been playing Destroy All Humans 2 Reprobed. More on that next week as well!

marvel's avengers spider-man costume mark iii

Gamoc has mostly played Marvel’s Avengers. He says, “I tried some Spidey, where combat is decent but the missions were endless checklists, so I stopped. Then I tried the War for Wakanda campaign, which I actually enjoyed overall until the final boss, which is awful. It’s full of awful storytelling and lazy writing and it’s starting to outstay its welcome. Patches have made it better, but it’s still not really good.”

Nick P’s week has been mostly dominated by more Dead by Daylight, but on the side, he got the platinum on Stray and played a bit of Tony Hawk’s. Meanwhile, Miguel played Apex Legends, Vampire Survivors, and Monster Hunter Rise! Plus a little more Dusk Diver 2 – another review that’s coming next week.

Reuben has mostly been playing Pokémon Café Remix, saying, “the Pokémon Presents made me curious about it and I absolutely love that dumb little game. Typical free-to-start fare, but an enjoyably twee little thing”. That wasn’t all though, he also finished Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, saying, “I really enjoyed in spite of the technical problems in it (including some really horrendous audio issues at points that made the game unlistenable). Oh, and I’ve dived into the Dragon Ball stuff on Fortnite, which is a really wild ride.”

Guardians of the Galaxy Melee

Steve has been playing Xenoblade Chronicles, which is sinking its teeth back into him, and Kirby’s Dream Buffet, for which his review just dropped.

And finally we come to Tef. He’s been playing some things that will remain secret for a little while longer, with the one game he can tell us about being the wonderfully stylish Rollerdrome, in all its brutal 70s dystopian sci-fi sports film glory. It’s got a killer soundtrack too, and has him looking for a cheap way to stream or buy Rollerball…

What about you? Played anything good this week?

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  1. After a few weeks of a break from gaming i installed Fallout 4 on PS5 for my second playthrough but this time i’m using the mods – just the cosmetic stuff initially as i don’t want to ruin it with cheats but i might use those later on.

  2. I got the platinum for Lego Movie on Vita and immediately moved on to Lego Batman 3, also on Vita. I’m about halfway through on that one now.
    I also managed to get some matches in Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood multiplayer, I’m now level 28, although level 50 still seems a long way off it all now feels that bit more achievable at least, so I’ll be aiming to carry on with that this weekend! I’ve booked a day annual leave next Thursday to try and allow more time to get things done before server switch off , should it be needed. Here’s to the next couple of weeks of four days at work rather than five (the following week will be the bank holiday Monday!)!

  3. I stabbed myself in the thumb. Again. So it’s going to be tricky for a few days.

    But I’ve been playing a lot of Yakuza. Like a Dragon. Still not sure about the turn based stuff. But loving all the distractions. Might actually finish the story at some point, but every time I get somewhere with that, another couple of hours of managing businesses or whatever gets in the way.

    Plus I made some progress with Returnal. Killed the first boss, after an embarrassing number of attempts. For some weird reason, the game just keeps getting harder, even if you’re not making any progress because it relies too much on luck. Bit of a disappointment after their previous games, which were a test of a skill rather than getting lucky with what it gives you. Looks great though.

    Plus all the other PS+ games I’ve been working through recently

  4. I played various bits and pieces, mostly of my new Plus premium subscription. Fallout New Vegas hasn’t aged well, so was deleted quickly. Then I made it through the first couple of hours of Red Dead Redemption 2, as it won’t be available in Premium for much longer. It sure looks nice, but I’m not hooked.
    Then we tried ancient Ratched & Clank All4one, which is so bad it made us laugh, also some still brilliant Pixeljunk Eden. I also had a go at the just added Everspace, which was surprisingly fun, I might continue with that one. For my son, I even played some annoying sports games like FIFA and this Tony Hawk’s skater game. Oh, and I finally got out the still wrapped disc of Dreams, which left us all very disappointed.
    So, overall, like in all types of media, most games are garbage, it’s all about finding the few which are actually good.

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