Octopath Traveler 2 character trailer introduces Ochette and Castti

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With Octopath Traveler 2 due out on 24th February for Switch, PlayStation and PC, Square Enix has spent the last few months gradually introducing the eight playable characters that will feature in the game and their personal stories.

The latest character trailer introduces Ochette the Hunter, and Castti the Apothecary, as well as looking at how the game’s multi-pronged narrative can be navigated by players.

Ochette the Hunter is going through life with the end goal of being a protector of her island, living alongside nature more than humans, but the calamity on the Night of the Scarlet Moon will see her drawn into action to adventure and fight alongside the other player characters in the game. She’ll have to journey to find the three Creatures of Legend to save her island.

Her abilities include being able to set monsters upon townspeople to provoke them into battle, as well as befriending people with food. In battle she can summon and capture monsters, while her latent power lets her inner beast loose.

Castti the Apothecary is an amnesiac rescued from the sea, with just her satchel and skills as an apothecary as a clue that she’s not Jason Bourne. She can inquire to get information from townspeople, as well as use medicine to help soothe them to sleep. In battle she can create both healing and hazardous compounds, her latent power letting her do this without using any materials.

Prior to this, we met Throné the Thief, and Temenos the Cleric:

And Partitio the Merchant, and Osvald the Scholar:

The full character list is:

  • Hikari – The Warrior
  • Agnea – The Dancer
  • Partitio – The Mercha
  • Osvald – The Scholar
  • Temenos – The Cleric
  • Throné – The Thief
  • Ochette – The Hunter
  • Castti – The Apothecary

As in the original Octopath Traveler, each will have their own distinct story that will unfold as you play, and you’ll be able to choose which character to start with and the order in which you tackle these tales. Throné, for example, is seeking her freedom, while Osvald is after revenge. The other characters in your party will determine how certain aspects of the story will unfold.

In the original game, we gave it a great 8/10 score, writing in the Octopath Traveler review:

“Octopath Traveler is a wonderful collection of adventures and stories, but the quirk of storytelling that lends it its name is both its greatest strength and weakness. While the turn-based combat and ‘breaking’ enemies makes practically every battle engaging, the eight tales this game tells don’t really feel like they need to be told together. It’s a little unbalanced because of this, but this remains a charming, beguiling JRPG.”

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