What We Played #588 – Dead Space, Inkulinati & Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars Reactor Header

Another week has sailed on by, and while the release schedule wasn’t as focused on big games, that’s just meant that everyone’s been able to enjoy those big hitters like Dead Space and Hi-Fi Rush that launched last week.

This week I’ve mainly been playing Deliver Us Mars, enjoying the spaceward sci-fi tale that it weaves, but finding it a tad disappointing on a technical level. That’s been mixed with some We Were Here Forever, which I’ve continued to plug away at with Dom, and I think it’s fair to say we’ve found its co-op puzzling more enjoyable the deeper we get into it.

Deliver Us Mars Climbing

Gamoc started playing Wasteland 3 this week, getting past some of the “rough” controls that it has on console, but that wasn’t the only role playing he did this week, as he’s been playing Dungeons and Dragons in real life as well.

Having beaten it once, Nick P started a second run in Dead Space, as well as his usual bouts of Dead by Daylight, but his true love at the moment is Monster Hunter Rise, after its home console release.

Naturally, Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2, but he’s also continued on with God of War: Ragnarök, though he’s “finding it rather slow and ponderous and not very exciting at all.” Aran seems to be enjoying it a bit more, though, as he’s unlocked all of the realms and trying to do a completionist run by finding every secret.

Drawing in a unit

It was a busy week of reviews for Steve, who has SpongeBob Squarepants: The Cosmic Shake, Inkulinati, and Atone: The Elder Tree all on the go. You can read the first two already, but the latter is an interesting synth rhythm puzzle take on Scandinavian mythology. Because of all that he’s barely had time for Dead Space and the first hour of Hi-Fi Rush, “which is cool and is positively overflowing with Dreamcast energy.”

Another spacer this week has been Nic B, who’s played a tonne of it and is now running around the Ishimura on a New Game+. Naturally there’s also been some Marvel Snap alongside that, though he’s disappointed in himself for only ranking in the mid-50s.

Dead Space Necromorph

The Intensity Director will bring Necromorph-filled jump scares.

And Miguel’s been playing a bunch of Fire Emblem Engage, started playing a series of grim indie RPGmaker games called Hello Charlotte, and a little of Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. I continued Spider-Man (well, first it didn’t start anymore, I reinstalled, lost all progress, etc.), and for some reason I liked it much better than when I first tried it, got through things much faster. It still feels like a button-mashing marathon at times, and it makes my thumb hurt, but fights got more interesting over time. I’m somewhere over 50% in now, will continue this one.
    In between I tried Metro Exodus, which will leave Plus soon. But that was not overly special (I’d played through an earlier Metro game already, and it was just more of the same), so it was deleted again.
    I also gave Book of Unwritten Tales 2 a go, but the tutorial was so annoying, the game didn’t last longer than 5 minutes on my console.
    Besides these, I continued brilliant Pixeljunk Eden (one of my favorite PlayStation games of all time).
    Oh, and I played lots of FIFA23, as my son got it for his birthday. Although I hate all sports games, and still never know which button does what, that was good fun.

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