Tekken 8 latest gameplay footage focuses on Leroy Smith and Asuka Kazama

Tekken 8 Leroy

Bandai Namco has released two more gameplay trailers for Tekken 8, with these ones looking at the Grandmaster of Drip Leroy Smith, and the Spirited Peacemaker Asuka Kazama. Both trailers show the speed in which they attack as well as their styles. Leroy Smith’s Wing Chun style is on full display as he lets his hands and staff do the talking, while Asuka’s style is a mix of punches and powerful kicks to take out opponents.

A few days ago, Bandai Namco released footage of Ling Xiaoyu & Jun Kazama, showing their fighting styles too. Bandai Namco has been on a streak of releasing fairly rapid-fire gameplay reveals for the game’s roster of characters. We saw a little bit of Devil JinKazuyaNina WilliamsJack-8Marshall LawKingPaul PhoenixLars Alexandersson in the last couple months, as the team build up to alpha in the not-too-distant future. Back in February, a gameplay breakdown of Tekken 8 was shown, introducing the new mechanics players would be interacting with when the game releases. These include a new heat system, modified Rage Art system that uses a common input – Rage Drive from Tekken 7 has been removed – and a recover gauge that has some common ground with the Tekken Tag Tournament games.

Looking back on the last game, Tekken 7, Dave awarded it a mighty 9/10 in out review, saying: “Tekken 7 is a phenomenal fighting game experience and one I’d highly recommend. It’s by no means perfect, as the game is not without a few technical issues online, some long loading times, and minor continuity errors, yet as far as most people will be concerned, it delivers a stunning, up-to-date fighting game experience from one of the masters of arcade fighting games. A solid return to form.”

A release date for Tekken 8 is yet to be confirmed but we do know that it will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.

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