Dragon’s Dogma 2 world map will be four times bigger than the original

Capcom’s showcase ended with a replay of the Dragon’s Dogma 2 reveal trailer from a fortnight ago, with game director Hideaki Itsuno-san digging into and discussing what they showed off.

As a little reminder, let’s rewatch that trailer.

Pretty good, no? But Itsuno-san brought up some new details about the game and its development.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is being built using RE Engine, allowing for some very impressive visual details in both the world and characters. That world is going to be around four times the size of the map in the original game.

Something inherited from the original is that the role playing and combat is built around having a single controllable hero character – the Arisen – and then pawns to follow and support them to try and feel like a co-op game in some ways. You can have a party of up to four characters, with a main pawn and two more general support pawns by your side. They’re controlled by AI, but have been improved with better decision-making in battle and will be more helpful to guide and point things out while exploring. They’ll also high-five you.

The game is still an action RPG, so you’ll be getting stuck right into the action, with your vocation determining if that’s with swords or magicks – there will be new vocations in the game – but Dragon’s Dogma 2 has been enhanced with more realistic physics and interactivity. Attacking larger monsters, they’re more physically based, so attacking a leg can drop them to the floor with a bang, and they can attack a bridge that you’re stood on, which will then break up realistically. New monsters will include Medusa, which…. let’s just speculate you might want to avoid her gaze?

Two new characters will be integral to the game, as featured in the key art. Ulrika is a bow wielder that has a connection to the Arisen, while Nadina is a high priestess of the beastren, which appear for the first time as cat-like creatures. They’ll impact your options and fate through the game.

We’re still just at the very start of the hype train for Dragon’s Dogma 2, but the snippets shown during the announcement trailer do look fantastic, and if it’s anything like the original? Well, there’s a reason why it’s such a beloved game.

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