What We Played #647 – Hi-Fi Rush, Dragon’s Dogma 2 & Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles

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It’s always a good week when there’s a bank holiday involved, but the Easter Weekend gets the special bonus of being a double bank holiday. I’ve no doubt many of you have some big games that you’re planning to tackle today and through the weekend, but let’s look back on the week that was and what we’ve been playing first.

I’ve had my fingers and thumbs preoccupied with Millennia on PC, which has some interesting ideas for the 4X strategy genre, but doesn’t quite pull them all off – see our review here – and have been dabbling with Lightyear Frontier’s mech-powered farming sim. Of course, I made sure to spread some Managed Democracy in Helldivers 2 as well.

Hi-Fi Rush comic book graphics style

Ade’s been having a great time playing Hi-Fi Rush now that it’s available on PlayStation 5, saying that it’s “Well deserving of all the plaudits heaped upon it.”

Meanwhile, Aran’s dipped into Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles for our review. “It’s a comfortable city builder but is not as deep as I thought it would be,” he said – obviously there’s plenty more detail in the full review.

Nick P’s had a busy week of gaming. He’s finished off the main story in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and is now going to “focus on my massive backlog, starting with Dragons Dogma 2.” I don’t think you can claim Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a backlog game when it’s barely a week old, can you?

He’s also found time for a bit of WWE 2K24, and his usual shenanigans of Dead by Daylight, Predator: Hunting Grounds and Street Fighter 6.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Fighter

Making no claims about backlog clearing, Gamoc’s also been playing Dragon’s Dogma 2. He’s now adjusted to its peculiar way of doing things and is having a wonderful time with it, though does wish they’d ditch the carrying capacity to make life a smidgeon easier.

Has Steve finally fixed his PC? With a new GPU and new PSU in it, he’s thinking it’s finally running reliably, and so has been able to complete The Thaumaturge for an upcoming review. He’s also played some Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and is about to enter Cosmo Canyon – how much further can he get over the Easter weekend?

But what about you? What have you played this past week, and what games are you looking to sink time into this weekend?

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  1. Besides continuing my journey through excellent The Outer Wilds, I started Ghost of Tsushima, another game in the Extra library, I’ve not got around to playing yet. It looks very good, of course, and so far gameplay is rewarding and the story is not as bad or inexistant as I expected. But I suspect it may become repetitive and open-world-overloaded with side and side-side missions and collectibles and… just way too much content for me quite quickly.

    I also finally ‘gave in’ getting my son his own PS5, so we can avoid discussions who can play.

    Have a good Easter weekend everyone..!

  2. I’m entering the final phase of Elden Ring and it sucks – that i have precious little area of the map left to explore that is! So i’ve been dragging my heels , not wanting it to end. It’s been an awesome journey and i can’t believe i even made it this far.
    And i grabbed the first Remnant game on sale for when it’s over.

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