What We Played #607 – F1 23, Diablo IV & the FF XVI demo

F1 23 Header

The UK’s been roasting for the past week, giving some real LA vibes for those of us tuning into the various Not-E3 streams that took place over the weekend and on Monday.

It’s also made some video gaming endeavours a little less appealing than others – my PSVR 2 has stayed in its box until after this weekend’s thunderstorms – but with a nice fan in my afternoon sunbox of a living room I’ve been giving F1 23 a good go with a racing wheel. I’ve enjoyed the story mode and will be digging into some multiplayer with the full release of the game today before giving the score to our F1 23 review.

One of the hot releases of the week is Final Fantasy XVI’s demo, which dropped on Monday and which Dom can immediately report is “gooooood”. How will the full game fare? What are your thoughts on the demo? And also the name Clive? – Nic says it’s “right naff”, but then Miguel reckons that “Name complaints in a series with protagonists called Cloud, Zack, and Lightning are null and void.”

Final Fantasy 16 Combat Mid-game

Speaking of Nic B, he’s been playing “[redacted], which is [redacted] and [still redacted].” Sounds exciting!

Aran’s left Gears 5 behind and jumped into the psychadelic platforming of Psychonauts 2, which he’s rather enjoying. He’s also played a bit Marvel Snap’s new Conquest mode and some Football Manager 2023 picking Dundee United as his new team: “I have no idea about Scottish football so this will be interesting.”

Nick P and Gamoc have both been playing the same games as they were last week. Gamoc’s sticking time into Diablo IV and Dead Island 2, while Nick’s time sinks now include Street Fighter 6 and Diablo IV now joining Dead by Daylight and Marvel Snap.

Diablo 4 open world

Steve’s got some beef with T.S. Elliot this week as “June is turning out to be the cruellest month as I endure the heat and escape into what seems an unending parade of horror games.” He’s raced through Amnesia: The Bunker, Layers of Fear, and The Tartarus Key this past fortnight, while also sneaking in time with Benedict Fox, exploring more of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and making a start on our review of Aliens: Dark Descent.

Now then, what have you played?

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  1. Couple of decent demos this week, Lies of P and FF. I wouldn’t have bothered with the latter but i spotted someone playing it on YT and noticed the realtime combat which makes it more appealing for me. It reminds me of another demo that was on the store a few months ago – i think that game was called Asura’s Wrath?
    Lies of P is also good but i wouldn’t choose it over a Bloodborne 2.

    Also played some Wolfenstein New Colossus and The Last Campfire, grabbed in the store sales.
    Plus i’ve added AC Valhalla(€10), Nioh 2 (€7) and Demon’s Souls (€20) to my disc library thanks to the last few days of Gamestop sales – gods only know when i’ll get around to playing them!

  2. VR hasn’t really been an option, due to the possibility I might actually burst into flames.

    So more of Jedi Survivor. And finally got around to Midnight Suns, which I’m enjoying a lot.

    And then because it was also on sale and I like that sort thing, Entropy Centre. Which is very good. Just the right pace for introducing new things. And quite funny too.

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