FIFA 23 FIFA Women’s World Cup update coming later this month

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The FIFA Women’s World Cup will be kicking off on July 20th in Australia and New Zealand, with New Zealand starting proceedings against Norway while Australia will face off against Ireland. Towards the end of June EA will be update FIFA 23, adding the FIFA Women’s World Cup allowing players to play through the tournament in different ways.

The various modes include Kick Off, allowing you to pick any of the 32 teams that have qualified for the tournament, and play friendlies against other players or against the CPU. You can pick any stage of the tournament to set these matches. Tournament Mode is the main mode where you can pick a team and play through the stages of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Finals, trying to take your team to the trophy. The final mode is Lead Your Country. This is essentially the Be A Pro mode in which you can play as any of the players in the tournament, or to create your own pro and lead your chosen nation.

FIFA 23 Review

In our FIFA 23 review, I wrote, “FIFA 23 is the most expansive game in the series’ long history; women’s football has never been better represented, there’s fun new activities like Volta Arcade, and there’s still all of the classic modes. Still where FIFA 23 takes steps forward in some areas, it could still be better in others. The action on the pitch is fun and engaging, but the user interface can be clunky, and modes like player career mode feels like an afterthought with largely superficial changes, compared to the investment in Ultimate Team. FIFA 23 is the end of an era and goes out on a high, but still has the hallmarks of the series’ gradual yearly evolution.”

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