Diablo IV Season of the Malignant revealed, and it is coming soon

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Diablo IV is getting new content with the reveal of Season of the Malignant, which will be released on July 20th. This is the first season to be announced for Diablo IV, but it will not be the last. Blizzard has shed some light on how seasons work, including the fact that players will need to create a new character in the Seasonal Realm. No battle pass or addons are required to play, but the campaign needs to have been completed on either the seasonal or eternal realm.

The Season of the Malignant introduces a new questline that brings with it Malignant Monsters, further corrupted beasts that will attack anyone. Players will team up with Cormond, former priest of the Cathedral of Light, as he looks to stop this new evil. Cormond also teaches players how to capture Malignant Hearts, with 32 hearts available to capture that provide different bonuses for players. They are not easy to get though as players will have to face off against Partly Corrupted enemies, but they become Fully Corrupted once the process begins to get the heart. When captured these hearts can be placed in infested sockets in your jewelry. Malignant Tunnels are the best place to get these hearts, and this is a replayable dungeon. Beware though, as this is where the boss Varshan the Consumed resides.

Back to seasonal characters. These characters have the option to skip the campaign, provided it has been completed, access to your mount immediately, Altars of Lilith unlocked already if you have already discovered them, with renown from them awarded, and all areas of the map you have already discovered revealed.

In the blog post, Blizzard have said this about seasons.

“Seasons provide us with an opportunity to introduce innovative gameplay mechanics into Sanctuary for a limited time. Because Seasons reset, we can create crazy, fun Season themes in a vacuum without needing to worry about balancing it with the mechanics introduced in past or future Seasons—we start from a strong Eternal Realm baseline and build on top of it.

Seasons are also a place for players to explore and tinker. We encourage you to try a new Class or different builds for a Class you’ve grown fond of—our Seasons are a chance to get creative while demolishing demons.

Additionally, Seasons present an equal playing field. Our Seasons are designed for new characters to conquer the nightmarish challenges brought on by a Season’s theme and to progress through the Seasonal Journey together.”

Diablo IV Review

In our Diablo IV review, Gareth wrote, “Diablo IV is almost shockingly refined, with an absorbing story and addictive gameplay. The shift to always online and connected play might turn some away, and the level scaling can make combat a little same-y, but on the whole, this is still Diablo at its best. It plays very well, offers tonnes of options for tailoring your character and acquiring that all important hunt for better and better loot will keep you coming back for more.”

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