Something for the Weekend – 12/08/23

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Time was that pretty much nobody would dare to release a game in August, but these days we regularly have developers both big and small looking to get out ahead of the autumn and Christmas rush. This week in particular, there’s Atlas Fallen from Deck13 the makers of The Surge. So how has it fared? Scroll on for our weekly video games round-up.

In the News This Week

With the week capped off by the THQ Nordic Showcase, there’s a good clutch of game announcements for this week’s news round-up.

Games in Review

Sadly, this week’s reviews were a bit of boom and bust – not that the “busts” don’t have redeeming qualities to make them potentially be worth your time.

Featured Articles

Heading into the preview pile, and I kept my hands busy with a preview of Lords of the Fallen, the big reboot that has fresh ideas to add to the Souls-like genre, most distinctively with the dual worlds of the living and the dead to battle through.

I also went hands on with the upcoming free-to-play looter shooter Synced, battling through its waves of Nanotech enemies, and making one of them my buddy, and then explored a multiverse of memories in search of a cure in The Gap.

Rounding things out, I had an extended look at some games from the THQ Nordic showcase, with Outcast: A New Beginning showing how it aims to be more than just another open world adventure, and the quirky alien property development of Space for Sale looks pretty darned cute.

Rounding out the week, What We Played featured Atlas Fallen, Venba and Lords of the Fallen.

Trailer Park

New Gothic Remake trailer takes a tour of Old Camp

Wreckreation’s new trailer is all about building tracks & racing together

Mortal Kombat 1 roster adds Reptile, Havik and Ashra

That’s all we have for this week’s round-up. Join us next week for more video games shenanigans!

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