Court Documents suggest next Xbox in 2028, Switch 2 power ‘close to Gen 8’ consoles

Documents from the Microsoft court case have suggested that the next Xbox console would arrive in 2028. A meeting in May 2022 which included head of gaming Phil Spencer and CEO Satya Nadella has been detailed and the chat seemed to centre around if Microsoft would follow the XBox Series X|S path and offer multiple version of a console.

“One of the things consoles have been really great at is giving a very clear platform target for developers, and [Game Development Kit] has been really good at this,” said Anuj Gosalia, corporate vice president of immersive experiences.

“We have already started this journey with Xbox One and Xbox One X, furthering it in Series S | X,” adds Kevin Gammill, corporate vice president of gaming ecosystems, “We need to be even more flexible going forward with gen 10, but also provide the ability for creators to take advantage of unique hardware capabilities.”

Another email reveals that Nintendo briefed Activision on the Switch 2, or as they called it, the Switch NG (Next Generation). While much of the email is redacted we do learn that the Switch 2 will have power similar to that of a PS4 or Xbox One.

“Given the closer alignment to Gen8 platforms in terms of performance and our previous offerings on PS4 / Xbox One, it is reasonable to assume we could make something compelling for the NG Switch as well. It would be helpful to secure early access to development hardware prototypes and prove that out nice and early.”

The Switch 2 was reportedly shown off behind closed doors at Gamescom with one source claiming the impressive Unreal Engine 5 Matrix Tech demo was running on the console. That demo was meant to show off the power of Unreal 5 on PlayStation 5 so how that’s running on something reportedly closer to a PlayStation 4 is very impressive.

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Source: / The Verge

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