What We Played #626 – Alan Wake 2, Ghostrunner 2 & Like A Dragon: Ishin

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A week down, and it’s firmly in the half-term books, with everyone at home playing video games. Hooray! I’ve been mopping up all the collectibles and side quests in Spider-Man 2, sneaking in some Quest 3 action with NFL Pro Era II and Beat Saber, playing even more gridiron in Wild Card Football and half enjoying Hellboy Web of Wyrd.

Tuffcub has been playing Transformers: Earthspark Expedition which actually surprised him even if it is for younger gamers. Gamoc has been playing Ghostrunner 2 and Trepang2 for review, as well as the usual Baldurs Gate 3, where he’s mopping up every single last bit of content he can get his hands on still.

Aran has played UFC 5 for review and is moving onto Football Manager 2024 now. Ade has almost finished Midnight Suns (DLC and everything!). He says, “It’s my second favourite Marvel video game ever, only narrowly pipped by Spider-Man”. He also polished off my review of Achilles Legends Untold which you can find out about next week, and he’s started on Robocop and has enjoyed surprising his partner by shouting ‘Dead or alive you’re coming with me!’ at random moments.

Alan Wake 2 Saga

Nick P has been playing the simply sublime Alan Wake 2 for review, as well as a little bit of Spider-Man 2, FC24 and Dead by Daylight. Nic B has played more Monster Hunter Now! He’s also dabbled a little in the Metal Gear Solid collection too; review to come this weekend.

Steve has been immersing himself in Edo period Japan with Like A Dragon: Ishin “which is superbly accurate up to the point of having a karaoke minigame”. For review he’s been living his beardy best life in LOTR: Return to Moria “which is solid but somewhat lacking played solo”, and he’s set to scare himself silly with Stray Souls. Alan Wake 2 will also be up next but he’s balancing whether to pick it up on PS5 or PC.

Like a Dragon Ishin – Gunslinger Style

Rounding out the week, Tef also made a start on Alan Wake 2 to help produce our review video, and while he’s not normally a survival horror kinda guy, he’s loved the tone and vibes of the opening chapters that he’s played through so far.

What about you? What have you been playing?

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  1. I picked up Control when i first bought my PS5, made a couple of attempts to play it but quit early on as i was dying too quickly and too often. This week i looked for an easy mode and discovered one settings that instantly made the game a bit more manageable – ie the one that defaults to enemies taking more of your health with each successive hit – no wonder i was dying so quickly! I am now making good progress and it’s a bizarre story with some suitably bizarre mechanics but thoroughly engaging.

    • I played Control a while back, and at some point in the game was also very glad they patched in those options to make things a little easier. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have finished the story, but enjoyed it a lot that way. Accessibility options are really a good thing, for lots of people.

      • Sounds like you fared better than me at least!

      • Yeah, I was ok for quite long, no idea why. Maybe I got some good upgrades early on, or I just played much slower. Whenever I look at howlongtobeat.com, I can’t believe how fast everyone is running through games, I usually take about 3 times as long… :-)

  2. Came back this week from my autumn break down south, prolonging summer, only to find out I missed the opportunity to play through The Quarry. Well, in fact, I knew of this before, but had no chance fitting in those few hours to play it, and I’m getting a little annoyed by this system of games leaving at rather short notice from Extra.

    This week, I had a go at Inscryption, which sounded interesting, and it is definitely something different from what I usually play. But I’m not overly into card games, so it didn’t really convince me to keep playing. Apart from that, very little playtime only allowed to install Alan Wake Remaster, given how good the sequel seems to be, so I’ll try that next to ease the pain of losing The Quarry (which I’m still tempted to buy in the current sale…).

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