What We Played #639 – Suicide Squad, Persona 3 Reload & Granblue Fantasy: Relink

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How is it Friday already? And February? And 2024?! Frankly, the passage of time has felt a bit rude and overbearing this week, but despite its annoyances all those minutes, hours and days have afforded us a few moments to play some video games. I’ve spent the majority of the time with Granblue Fantasy: Relink, which is a very enjoyable anime action-RPG, followed by some Banishers and a spot of Suicide Squad too. There has of course been the requisite Monster Hunter Rise as well, with my fresh run on PS5 proving just as enjoyable as it was the first two times on Switch and PC.

Suicide Squad is the first of many games coming out in February 2024

Coming back to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and it’s Gamoc who’s been tasked with tackling our review. Expect a write up later today, but at the very least he thinks the “combat can be pretty fun”, so what about the rest of it?

Beyond that, he played a little bit of Midnight Suns and had another session of real life D&D, which does count as a game. I’ve also decided that if you want to tell me about your DJ sets or guitar shenanigans then they probably make the cut too!

Steve finished the Avatar game this week – Frontiers of Paradise, that is, and not the awful Nickelodeon tie-in – though he panicked when his GPU started crashing his PC. Having taken it out, blown on the pins and put it back like a SNES cartridge, it seems OK so far! He then moved onto AC Mirage with his Ubisoft+ month, saying “It’s not a bad return for £15!”

AC Mirage smoke bomb

Miguel has been playing a bunch of Pokémon Scarlet and also a bunch of Like A Dragon Gaiden: The Man With No Name. That sounds like a bunch of fun!

Ade has had a quiet one, though he did play some Minecraft with his son, saying, “He showed me the ropes and we had a great time running away from zombies, building huge towers, and inadvertently falling in lava moats!”

Aran has been playing more Crysis 2 Remastered, but he thinks he prefers the first one, so perhaps he’s not having the best time. He also played The Legend of Steel Empire for review, “which is fun but not worth £20”. He’s also been playing indie-platformer Anomaly Agent for review too.

Nic B has been playing the hell out of Persona 3 Reload. He said, “It’s a great game that drastically improves on what came before. Strongly recommend people pick it up.”

Persona 3 Reload protagonist

Having loved Sony’s State of Play stream, Tuffcub has been playing SIlent Hill: The Message and might, just maybe have started another run of Death Stranding after the show. We know what you did…

Nick P finished Lies of P and started a second run for some trophy clean up. He also started another run of Final Fantasy VII Remake in prep for Rebirth at the end of this month, and of course he’s been playing the Alan Wake Chapter in Dead by Daylight.

And rounding things out for the week, Tef has played a little smidgeon of Mario vs. Donkey Kong with the game’s newly released demo, but has been rather more preoccupied with stripping down a room with painted over scraps of wallpaper so it can be freshly plastered. Also watching his cat climb up and down a really big tree in somewhat concerning fashion.

Now then, what about you? Played anything good?

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  1. I got the yearning recently after watching someone else play – so i have returned to Elden Ring. I last left off at 144 hours played and had Radahn to face next. I will face him soon but first — ooh look an area i hadn’t previously discovered, what are these small enemies, i’ll soon deal with th- I DIED

  2. I wasn’t overly impressed with this week’s State of Play, it seemed mostly button mashing stuff and no real surprises. I still want Half-Life Alyx on PSVR2, but that may never happen.
    However, the show made me want to try Death Stranding, although I never was Kojima’s biggest fan.
    Apart from that, I played some more Rocket League, and Ghostwire:Tokyo.

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