What We Played #657 Fabledom, Destiny 2: The Final Shape and XDefiant

What a week it’s been! I’ve put myself through the wringer by racing in an open-water triathlon in the midst of a hailstorm, so I’m pretty weary right now. What that does mean is I’ve had a good dose of time to sit and relax, and Fabledom has been at the top of the relaxation charts. Alongside that, I’m checking out Star Wars Hunters, and I’ve been ambling my way through various bits on PC as well as making a start on the new Elder Scrolls Online chapter.

Tuffcub has been playing Destiny 2. Obvs. And that’s even more true with The Final Shape finally dropping this week. His thoughts on it will be along soon.

Aran has been playing #Blud for review but can’t say any more than that until the 17th. He’s also been playing SteamWorld Dig, saying, “I’m enjoying it. Just digging away, finding resources and completing some little platforming sections.”

Gamoc has played some Dredge (excellent), some Fallout New Vegas (excellent), some Xdefiant (fine), some Stranded: Alien Dawn (good), and some The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners (excellent). He also got Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader, saing, “It is fantastic, but has crashed on me three times so far in 16 hours.”

Killer Klowns from Outer Space guns

Nick P has played a bit of Killer Klowns, Dead by Daylight and got the plat on Stellar Blade. Meanwhile Ade has also been playing all the XDefiant, and is “absolutely loving it! And it’s free!” He didn’t just indulge in a bit of Ubisoft shooting either, as he also played Tails of Iron 2 for preview. He tells us, “So far, it’s looking every bit as good as its brilliant predecessor.”

Steve rattled through Immortals of Aveum, telling us “I enjoyed it for the most part although it started crashing on me towards the end. A perfectly fun mid-tier game that unfortunately cost AAA dollars to make. Alongside this I have been playing the chilled-out and meditative Hauntii which is 87% vibes and 13% knowing what you’re supposed to be doing! My kids and I have been working through the fantastic Lorelei and the Lazer Eyes for review (coming soon) and I can highly recommend that one. Finally I dug out the 3DS for a train journey and restarted Mario 3D Land which I don’t think I ever finished originally.”

Now then, what about you? What have you played?

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  1. Elden ring, i’m frantically poking enemies with a short spear in order to get ready for the upcoming DLC.

  2. Needed a break from Demon’s Souls, so I returned to easy and chilling Ghost of Tsushima, now in the 3rd act. I also downloaded the PSVR2 games they just put on Plus, so I may try some of these next. Just reminds me I got to check when my subscription ends…

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