XDefiant new GSK faction, CTF mode, maps and more revealed for Season 1

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Ubisoft had a slick trailer to show off what’s new and coming to their budding free-to-play shooter XDefiant on 2nd July. There’s a new character faction, new weapons, maps, modes rewards and more.

GSK from Team Rainbow is joining XDefiant as a new player faction for Season 1, bringing tactical urban assault gear to the mix of factions already in the game.

Alongside that there’s a new mode, the FPS staple Capture The Flag, three free new weapons to try out, and there will be a new map each month of the season – Clubhouse, Daytona, and Rockefeller. Season 1 will also introduce a ranked progression system for ardent players to work through.

That’s not all that will be included in the first season of content, and Ubisoft will be giving a full reveal on 1st July, just hours ahead of its launch.

Is XDefiant a “COD Killer”?

Having gone hands on with the game at launch, here’s what we had to say of the COD challenger:

“Exactly how much stopping power XDefiant gains will depend largely on its future roadmap. Thankfully, Ubisoft is no stranger when it comes to running a successful live service, with Rainbow Six Siege making a dramatic turnaround in its first year to become one of the biggest FPS games of all time. XDefiant fans are seemingly in good hands, then, and Ubisoft will need to keep its momentum if it wants to ward off 2024’s upcoming class of shooters from this year’s Black Ops 6 to Marvel Rivals and Sony’s Concord.”

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