Elden Ring DLC missing key feature as disappointing FromSoftware trend continues

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Hype surrounding the upcoming Elden Ring DLC is currently at its zenith, with the major expansion planned to release on June 21st 2024 on PC and consoles. However, one dataminer suggests that Shadow of the Erdtree will continue a disappointing FromSoftware trend by not supporting the game with additional trophies or achievements.

This update comes via reliable source PlayStation Game Size, who also reveals that the major Elden Ring DLC will weigh in around 16.5GB with pre-loads taking place 2 days ahead of launch, on June 19th 2024. While the claim that there will be no additional PlayStation trophies or Xbox achievements has yet to be 100% verified, it’s extremely likely considering developer FromSoftware’s track record with the Dark Souls series doing the same.

It’s been a long wait for fans of the 2022 smash hit, with Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki first teasing the DLC during The Game Awards 2022,  “As for Elden Ring, we have several more things we want to do” he commented. It was then confirmed to be in development in early 2023, though development has been largely silent ever since then. While Elden Ring has sold tens of millions of copies, it shows impressive commitment to work on a DLC expansion for over two years – typically that kind of development cycle gets spun off into a sequel, as we saw with Tears of the Kingdom.

The title has one multiple Game of The Year awards including trophies from DICE, The Game Awards, and it was our Overall Game of The Year winner here at TheSixthAxis.

We scored Elden Ring top marks, 10/10 in our review back in February 2022. “Elden Ring is the game Souls fans have been waiting for,” said Jason. “From the open world design, to riding into battle on Torrent’s back, and the dark narrative woven through the world, this is a clear Game of the Year frontrunner that will have us all ensnared for a long time to come.”

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  1. It’s really not a big deal – most fromsoft dlc hasn’t had trophies – apart from Bloodborne which was PS exclusive. Elden Ring rewards players in a way that trophies could never replace, unlike some other games which seem to do it in order to add “value” to the experience, or as an incentive to replay something you otherwise wouldn’t bother with.

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