Mario & Luigi: Brothership announced with a November launch

Nintendo announced a brand new Mario & Luigi RPG, with Mario & Luigi: Brothership coming to Nintendo Switch on 7th November 2024.

Now on Nintendo Switch, Mario & Luigi comes with a totally new art style for the franchise, which originally debuted on the Game Boy Advance and became a 3DS mainstay with remakes in the latter years of the handheld. THere’s much more of a cel shaded style to the visual style, embracing all the bombast that 3D graphics and more cartoony animation can deliver to crazy combo attacks between the brothers, with combat looking to lean heavily on the series’ traditional style.

There have been five games in the series to date, starting with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga on GBA, before a pair of games on DS and another pair on 3DS. Then came the expanded remakes of Superstar Saga in 2017 and Bowser’s Inside Story in 2018. However original developer AlphaDream went bankrupt in 2019. It’s not clear who is developing Mario & Luigi: Brothership, but it will be the first original game in the series for almost a decade, since 2015’s Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam – a crossover between Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario.

Of course, so much of the series’ charm and designs came through from the GBA original, with separate button inputs for the two brothers and timed button combos to power up attacks – this trailer showed off an audacious turtle shell kick that would’ve felt right at home in a Mario Strikers game!

Looking back at the Superstar Saga remake, Dave said in our review: “Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions is a great remake that ticks all the right boxes. Not only does the original game hold up incredibly well, but there are plenty of design and mechanical changes that make the game feel fresh. Bowser’s Minions is a great addition that complements the original game nicely. This is a great starting point for the Mario & Luigi series and is wholeheartedly recommended.”

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