Nintendo Switch Sports is getting free Basketball update this summer

Nintendo Switch Sports Header

Nintendo Switch Sports is getting a free update with a whole new sport: basketball! Announced during today’s Nintendo Direct, the ball-bouncing, hoop-shooting action will be added to the game this Summer.

Basketball will allow you to play by dribbling, passing and shooting in a handful of different modes. There’s team ups in 2v2 matches, there’s group free throws, and more, with both local and online multiplayer.

Switch Sports came out in 2022, with Jason saying in our review, “Nintendo Switch Sports is a fun reminder of the Wii Sports craze, bringing back some classic sports and adding some new ones that make use of the Joy-Con and motion controls in more advanced ways. It’s all just a bit shallow, though, and difficult to wholeheartedly recommend unless you expect to play online a lot or constantly break it out for local head-to-head battles.”

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