What We Played #659 – Still Wakes the Deep & Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D

Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D

It’s getting to be pretty toasty out there, as summer feels like it’s truly arrived in the UK, just in time for last night’s Summer Solstice. Did you mark Midsummer’s night in any way? Perhaps you just looked out the window around 9:30PM and thought “Huh, it’s still pretty bright out, isn’t it?”

This week I’ve been playing more of Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD for our upcoming review of the Switch remaster, as well as returning to Crime Boss: Rockay City, to see how it’s come along for the Steam launch this week. I’ve also shared some quick thoughts on Cat Quest 3 and Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake, and have some more games to talk about next week.

Dragon Quest 3 HD-2D Remake combat

Aran played SteamWorld Dig 2 this week, saying it’s “the perfect sequel to the original, with a fun story and fun gameplay.” I couldn’t agree more, and love its really distinctive take on the Metroidvania form.

Meanwhile, Ade has been away on holiday, and so has been leaning in on local multiplayer gaming. That’s meant TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge,
Guacamelee!, Overcooked! 2 and Cake Bash, and he can heartily recommend the lot of them!

Tuffcub has naturally mixed together Destiny 2 with some Still Wakes the Deep to wrap up our review, but has also been playing with Cubase and his CDJs as he’s got a big gig… tonight!

Still Wakes the Deep – christmas in the canteen

It was also Still Wakes the Deep for Nick, “which is very good.” And on the side, he’s been playing Street Fighter 6, Dead by Daylight and WWE 2K24.

Gamoc has had Minecraft with an S-tonne of mods, then Minecraft with a quarter tonne of mods. He’s also played Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, “which is basically a Freelancer clone”, as well as Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader, “which continues to be excellent but crashy.”

And we’ll round out this week with Steve:

I have played some Survival: Fountain of Youth and Hauntii, just started Still Wakes the Deep which is braw (that’s Scots slang for good). My main gaming time involved my usual masochistic Next Fest Demo binge with about 120 demos played over the week (don’t ask me why, it’s just become a thing) including a fair few hours with Once Human – preview of this coming up soon. Loads of really exciting titles now added to my wishlist but desperately hoping that the PT ‘inspired’ horror game runs its course soon as almost every other horror tagged demo felt like the same house (often actually is the same Unity asset pack).

Now then, what have you played? Holler in the comments below!

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  1. *looks out window* It’s raining here – typical Irish summer xD
    I was hoping to have Elden Ring DLC downloaded while at work but some bug with the web store (and PS App) is preventing me from purchasing it so hopefully i’ll be able to sort it directly from PS5 later..

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