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Crysis 2 Information Overload

German mag spills the beans.

Crytek’s first console entry, a sequel to the visually groundbreaking Crysis – and, unsurprisingly, entitled Crysis 2 – will hit the PS3 and 360 sometime later this year. And when it does, the FPS genre may never be the same again.

Featured as part of a mammoth spread in Germany’s PC Games Magazine, new details have emerged about this landmark game, information we know fans of fast-paced futuristic shooters will be eager to know.

There’s a lot on display here, and it’s all in German. Thanks to Google Translator, however – and the power of speed-reading and the ability to siphon through the fluff – here are the key points:

  • As we already know, Crysis 2 is set in New York. Just not the New York you might be familiar with. It’s 2023 and aliens have devastated the metropolis. Sending in drones like meteors that smash up the environment and leave huge craters, the place is utter chaos.
  • London, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo are all also destroyed and nearly totally “depopulated”. The death toll is rising “by the day.”
  • Instead of the shrubbery and foliage of the first Crysis, its sequel uses “broken water pipes, crumbling buildings and torn-up streets” as its environment.
  • Crysis 2 has a mucher tighter storyline than its predecessor. Crytek wants players to explore and learn about the stricken world, with BioShock mentioned as a good example of how to engage players through the use of tape-recordings etc. to draw players into the plot. You can find out how people died and how New York was overcome.
  • Expect to see skyscrapers with huge holes right through them. The magazine states: “We feel ourselves recalling the 9/11 attacks seen on television.”  They go on to say American players will have “lumps in their throats” playing the game.
  • Prophet, a leader from the first game, may be the protagonist in the sequel. The survivors of New York think you’re a prophet at least.
  • The Nanosuit has four modes. Armour and stealth being two of them. The HUD will change depending on the mode currently activated.
  • With massive craters, vertical combat elements are a possibility.
  • Grand Central Station features as a military base.
  • North Koreans also feature. And they’re not friendly.
  • There are multiple ways to play the game. From guns blazing, to tactical and stealth methods. Alternate routes are possible through numerous challenges.
  • The tone of the game is much darker than the first game. Grimy and dank, the magazine compares the look of the sequel to Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl.
  • The Power Mode of the Nanosuit allows you to move super-fast and jump across the rooftops of shattered buildings.
  • Stealth mode allows you to turn invisible as before. “Tactics Mode” allows you to monitor your environment and find cool stuff.
  • The ethereal beings of Crysis 1 are not so much around anymore. The aliens stand on two feet and are encased in armour. The new enemies are likened to Predators.
  • While still linear, Crysis 2 tries to mix things up a little and won’t be as much “on rails” as the first game.
  • Multi-player will be huge. Customisable Nanosuits are on the cards.
  • The magazine only got a look at the 360 version but they already claim it is one of the best looking games they have ever seen.
  • The current status is that both console versions are running at 1280 x 720. “Soft shadows and ambient shading (ambient occlusion) provide the perfect contrast.”
  • The PC version looks even better. Apparently.
  • The game has very high resolution textures, including three-dimensional surface (parallax mapping and normal maps) that permeate the game world. Water, among other things such as wave and wind simulation, are also taken to the next level.

If you want the full (wonky) translated text, knock yourself out.

Thanks PlayStation University


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