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Final Fantasy XIII Sales Could Be Huge

Sales so far make for impressive reading.

Square Enix have today revealed that they have shipped 5 million copies of Final Fantasy XIII Worldwide, though these figures only represent the first shipment to Europe and the US as well as shipments to date within Japan.

Final Fantasy is generally a huge seller amongst fans, with over 96 million units shipped since the series began. This latest installment has been well received so far with critics and fans alike praising the game for it’s wonderful presentation and unique gameplay, though whether it will end up shipping as much as previous titles remains to be seen.

The game was of course only released yesterday in the US and Europe, so with an estimated 5 million units already out there waiting to be snapped up, we would expect Final Fantasy XIII to top the 6-7 million mark before the year’s end, based on previous sales of the franchise.

So what do you think? Will Final Fantasy XIII top 7 million sales? Is this a game of the year contender for you? Let us know your thoughts.

Previous Sales Figures (based on shipments WorldWide on Playstation Formats)

  • Final Fantasy VII (9.8 million)
  • Final Fantasy VIII (6 million)
  • Final Fantasy IX (5.30 million)
  • Final Fantasy X (6.6 million)
  • Final Fantasy XII (5.2 million)

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