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DeathSpank Screens

Mmm hanky panky, nothing like a good spanky.

Some lovely new screens from DeathSpank this morning, fresh from the minds of Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert and the team at Hothead. Go and look them please. You don’t need to read anything more and I have a terrible hangover. 

Seriously, go and look at the pictures and then post some nice comments I am not writing anything else as when I tap the keyboard it sounds like someone playing a snare drum beside my head. Go and look at the damn pictures, Hothead have spent ages creating them.

You’re still reading this aren’t you? Bastards. *sigh*

DeathSpank is the forthcoming hack and slash RPG game from Hothead and will be published by EA on both XBox and PS3. You quest is to become a hero by finding people who need heroing and your goal is to locate ‘The Artefact’. There will be hundreds of quests, a huge world map, lots of humour, customisable combat and dragons that need saving… from chickens.

Now please go and look at the pictures. Thanks.

Source: DeathSpank.Com

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